Translation of corral in Spanish:


corral, n.

Pronunciation: /kəˈrɑːl//kəˈræl/


  • 1

    (for animals)
    corral masculine
    • They are especially common around ranch buildings and corrals where perches are plentiful.
    • He wandered over to the corral and called his horse.
    • We end the ride in the corral where the horses are, so we can feed them some hay and have a photo opportunity.
    • There were two rows of tents down each side of the site, several campfires down the centre, a corral of horses up the far end of the clearing and food hanging off the rock face behind the far row of tents.
    • Before we leased these acres the land was fenced in corrals and the owner boarded horses.
    • Up by the horse corral, near the river that drained into the pond, a branch could clearly be heard snapping.
    • Most of the producers own small flocks maintained on homestead pastures and in corrals.
    • The ravine was a perfect corral for the horses once they were in it.
    • Billy hauled on the lead reins and drew the horses up in a cloud of dust close to the corral where the fresh horses milled around.
    • Excavations in 1958-9 revealed that the site was originally a corral for livestock.
    • Solar-powered gates can be used at the end of residential driveways, on rural access roads, for livestock corrals, and in many other areas.
    • During your stay, you can picket your horse using the available tie-out poles, tie your horse to your trailer, or keep your horse in a portable corral.
    • Close to it was a ditched enclosure, interpreted as a corral for livestock awaiting the feasts, perhaps to be slaughtered in sacrificial ceremonies.
    • I ignored him and started to walk the horse around the corral.
    • The adult tick does not feed and may live in and around corrals, barns and cattle loafing areas for a year or more waiting to mate.
    • Step outside fire-warmed rooms in this tastefully restored adobe hacienda, and you'll see steam rising from longhorn cattle in the corral.
    • Except for small stone corrals, the farmers there build no fences.
    • The Punchestown Boys rode into town saying they were going to build a corral for cattle and horses that would be good for the town.
    • Heading to the barn to let the horses out into the corral, Adam wondered how Clara would react when the dealership delivered her car later in the morning.
    • In a gentle stroll Adam completed his circuit of the ranch buildings and corrals.
  • 2

    (of wagons)
    círculo masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (cattle) encorralar
    (person) acorralar
    she was corraled by reporters la acorralaron los periodistas
  • 2

    (wagons) formar un círculo con
  • 3

    (votes) acaparar US
    (votes) monopolizar US
    (sympathy) ganarse