Translation of correct in Spanish:


corregir, v.

Pronunciation: /kəˈrɛkt//kəˈrɛkt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (put right)
    (mistake/defect) corregir
    (exam/proofs) corregir
    (person) corregir
    to correct sb's eyesight/posture corregirle la vista/postura a algn
    • bad habits are difficult to correct es muy difícil corregir las malas costumbres
    • correct me if I'm wrong, but … perdón, pero yo creo que …
    • I stand corrected tienes razón
    • Phil has corrected some typos on those satellite photos.
    • I have now corrected the typo ‘missages’ in the last paragraph of my last post.
    • Over time, the system tends to correct its own mistakes.
    • As contractors worked to correct the fault, commuters and business traffic faced long tail-backs and delays.
    • It is only right that a few myths and misunderstandings are corrected.
    • Engineers are very anxious to learn of its findings and to begin to correct the faults of the main water supply line from up north in New York State down to the City.
    • For this reason I do not have time to correct any typos or add links.
    • First, let us correct a mistake that was in our NFL preview issue.
    • It is necessary, at the outset, to correct some misconceptions about the issue of corruption.
    • Under the old system the Council was able to correct errors in an application by simply contacting the applicant.
    • But I call upon any antepost dog experts in the audience to correct me if I'm mistaken.
    • As for the teacher who was correcting books when it took place, he was relieved no one was hurt in the school.
    • I stand corrected by Justin, Arbiter of Absolute Truth in Minor Jokes.
    • The proofreader then corrects the text and the editor looks through it again and makes the final changes.
    • I think it's funny to correct people when they're not necessarily wrong.
    • I got a lot of messages correcting me about the color of wedding dresses.
    • But it was only during my recent tour of Europe that I realized how awkward it could be if you have to correct people again and again on where you are from.
    • Howard sips claret from a picnic hamper as he corrects other people's mistakes.
    • The last thing a teacher wants to do while correcting mounds of tests is to spend time deciphering what a student has illegibly written.
    • All of the exams are automatically set and corrected, which dramatically reduces the administration.
    • It was tedious work and the more I corrected it and rewrote it, the more mistakes I found.
    • When I tried to get the seller to either correct the faults or refund me my money, he tried to brush me off.
    • However, he also pointed out many people were unaware of the work of sub-editors, who corrected and improved copy.
    • However, only one of the faults was corrected, it emerged yesterday.
    • After roll was done and all the students were accounted for the Professor started passing out the corrected tests.
    • Though Ernst says he repeatedly offered to correct the text free of charge, his overtures were rejected.
    • If at home, he is correcting the drafts of students, and burning the midnight oil.
    • I just don't like it, and normally correct people immediately.
    • The other was the plump man who had used the machine to correct his test.
    • Or maybe she corrected him in front of a customer.
    • Even the British Standards Institution has decided not to issue a press release to correct the misunderstanding.
    • After determining the error, they use another series of pulses to correct the mistake.
    • I correct people all over the shop and I don't care what they think.
    • He corrects him: it's not a set of laws, but a sense of the rule of law.
    • This allows me to meet each student outside of lecture, correct misunderstandings, and catch errors in the forms.
    • I had originally thought it was Dutch, but a reader corrected me.
    • How it has taken almost a month to correct whatever fault that has rendered the traffic lights at this dangerous junction inoperable is beyond me.
    • No child was corrected on the spot for mistakes committed during conversations.
    • The test is corrected automatically, and the results are sent to cardholders and program managers simultaneously.
    • She also corrects small misconceptions that have been propagated in the many existing potted biographies of Franklin.
    • He prided himself on, you know, correcting people, on knowing things like that.
    • I am quick to correct the person and explain that I am definitely not on a diet.
    • Muriel meanwhile went into her office and started correcting some spelling tests from earlier that day.
    • If you make a mistake, you are corrected gently, and promptly in a helpful way.
    • Karyn, thanks for correcting me back there as well.
    • Mr. Arnold later published an erratum sheet correcting the error.
    • We are grateful to J. Eckart for correcting the English text.
    • It's not my job to correct people who base themselves on misinformation.
    • Mr. Stilts waited patiently, correcting papers or tests at his desk.
    • Residents of neighbouring Brandon Grove are without electricity for two hours tonight while the fault is corrected.
    • At any rate, I now find myself in the position of being much like my friend, correcting people and scoffing at them behind their back.
    • By the way, for over 20 years I've called him Louis, and I'm now corrected.
    • Employers should check the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and correct any faults.
    • Everyone referred to us a couple, and after awhile we didn't bother to correct people.
  • 2euphemistic, dated

    (child) corregir
    (criminal) castigar


  • 1

    (true, right)
    (time/answer/figures) correcto
    you're quite correct está usted en lo cierto
    • would I be correct in thinking/saying that … ? ¿estaría en lo cierto si pensara/dijera que … ?
    • are you Mr Clive Davis? —that's correct ¿es usted el señor Clive Davis? —el mismo
  • 2

    (language/manners/dress) correcto
    he's always very correct siempre es correctísimo / muy correcto