Translation of correlate in Spanish:


correlacionar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈkɔrəˌleɪt//ˈkɒrələt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    establecer una correlación entre

intransitive verb

  • 1

    estar correlacionado
    guardar correlación
    to correlate with sth guardar correlación con algo



  • 1

    correlato masculine formal
    • To summarize, exploration of the complex correlates of one particularly easily measured cost raises more doubts about how to treat the costs of mutualism in a comparative context.
    • Instead, the correlates and outcomes of peer rejection were assessed without controlling for aggression.
    • The meaningfulness of this distinction awaits validation by external correlates.
    • Forty clinical correlates relating to symptoms, signs, and investigations are entered.
    • Most major problems facing our nation involve psychological causes, correlates or consequences.
    • Nevertheless, there are similarities between correlates of species richness in bogs and causes of species richness of ants in habitats where ants have been studied more extensively.
    • Before going on to consider the hormonal correlates of these types of disturbance, it is important to consider a classification of the types of effects.
    • What are the affective and socialpsychological consequences or correlates of perceiving prejudice and discrimination aimed at oneself and one's group?
    • This research strategy allows for much more accurate descriptions of behavioral correlates of neuropsychological tests and their related measures.
    • Further research is warranted to clarify the role of pulmonary mechanics as correlates of weaning outcomes in patients with and without pulmonary disease.
    • It is increasingly apparent that these shared mediating variables may provide stronger correlates to desired behavioral outcomes than do the theoretical models as a whole.
    • Among these is a highly regarded, innovative series of studies on the behavioral correlates and long-term consequences of early and late physical maturing.
    • Logistic regression was used to determine the association of outcomes with individual correlates and of interaction terms with ethnicity.
    • The book examines each strength - its meaning, measurement, causes, correlates and consequences - in a separate chapter by a prominent psychologist studying that area.
    • In time, we were informed, similar bodily correlates would be found for all emotional states.
    • In recent years, peer relations researchers have moved beyond examination of the correlates and consequences of rejection.
    • Still, whatever the case, we have to conclude that the appearance of language and its anatomical correlates was not driven by natural selection, however beneficial these innovations may appear in hindsight to have been.
    • So the gene does have some effect on ability to articulate speech, but has other correlates as well, including significant intelligence deficit.
    • Our results suggest that ecological correlates of paternity may be revealed only after testing for interactions in multivariate analyses.
    • Familiarity was a correlate of relatedness, as is true in nature.