Translation of correspondence in Spanish:


correspondencia, n.

Pronunciation /kɒrɪˈspɒnd(ə)ns//ˌkɔrəˈspɑndəns//ˌkɑrəˈspɑndəns/


  • 1

    correspondencia feminine
    • Thus, if there were no adaptive value in maintaining these correspondences, then they could diverge during evolution.
    • And it is fun noticing all the odd little correspondences between stories.
    • I know I couldn't have possibly touched on all references or correspondences and it would be great to know what others think of what I have here, what they might add or dispute.
    • In so doing, he relied on the theory of correspondences to explain how gains in the material sphere might parallel those in the celestial.
    • Unique correspondences are identified for eight chromosomes.
    • But don't look for one on one comparisons: Loki is not the same as Mercury but they do share similar correspondences.
    • So I wasn't satisfied with just noting a few close correspondences.
    • We don't usually divide it into vertical levels, and no particular distinction is made in terms of correspondences depending on depth.
    • Campbell has also proposed that the conceptual correspondences between multiplication and division facts are utilized by adults.
    • Roughly, one measures everything with a ruler and compass and sets things up according to strict astrological correspondences.
    • Furthermore, their neurological commonalities make the previous psychological correspondences more meaningful.
    • Write down the correspondences for all these individual items so you can see interconnectedness between everything.
    • They have no vertical or horizontal correspondences.
    • Some close correspondences can be found between the rhetoric of Robinson and that of Cicero and, to an even greater extent, Quintilian.
    • Metaphorical extension does, however, presuppose the recognition of similarities, or correspondences, between the source and the target domains.
    • Since the genes are conserved, we can map correspondences between them within a lineage and in comparison with other lineages.
    • Whereas the correspondences between the drawing and the reflected face are not as conclusive, they are not altogether implausible.
    • Of course one-to-one correspondences would detract from the richness of the book.
    • Today, these parallels are known not to be exact correspondences, but the links between development and evolution remain an area of active research.
    • Rapport seeks to show the correspondences between literature (the English novel, anyway) and anthropology.
  • 2

    • 2.1(letters)

      correspondencia feminine
      • His correspondence with Galileo includes at least 112 letters.
      • The correspondence was sent back and no copy was kept on the department's file.
      • His general practice in such cases was to telephone the firm in question telling them not to send correspondence to him and to destroy it.
      • File any correspondence sent to you with the Companies Registration Office.
      • I did not receive instructions to write that nor would my client have been aware that I had written it as I did not send him copies of correspondence.
      • Please be certain to provide your manuscript number when sending us correspondence.
      • When he received that correspondence, it appeared to have been opened.
      • Well I haven't received one piece of correspondence to corroborate that fear.
      • Use a postal method that proves that your correspondence was received.
      • At the beginning of this year, I received correspondence from my editor in the United States.
      • Make copies of all correspondence you send and keep those records for at least seven years.
      • I have received correspondence from the Department that indicates the need for the supplement is acknowledged.
      • So I sent back a letter asking for all future correspondence to be sent direct to me.
      • But she recently received correspondence telling her she had a half-sister in Australia.
      • Many of the others had simply disappeared and in many cases correspondence sent to their given addresses had been returned.
      • I am disappointed that the National Party does not seem to take any notice of correspondence sent to it.
      • May I read a piece of correspondence I recently received?
      • I sent to your Honour some copies of correspondence that was received and sent overnight.
      • The bakeries received correspondence late yesterday informing them that they should stop all supplies to schools.
      • Although I received correspondence from the housing office nothing has been done.

    • 2.2(letter-writing)

      correspondencia feminine
      to be in correspondence with sb escribirse / cartearse con algn
      • to study sth by correspondence estudiar algo por correspondencia
      • These problems have prompted the accounting officer to warn against detailed correspondence with schools in the future.
      • We've had correspondence with Natalie and Jamie and I've spoken to them.
      • As to Wales, I was in brief correspondence with a friend today and don't think I can say it better here.
      • Paul kept up his weekly correspondence with Kate until her condition made it impossible for her to write back to him.
      • From conversation and correspondence with party members, a peculiar picture emerges.
      • Since then they have been in correspondence with the school.
      • In addition, there has been no correspondence with the various councils concerning uplifting the game's standard.
      • The correspondence with Duchas and your work with the County Council are positive approaches.
      • They could suggest only that there would be direct correspondence with the President.
      • And there is a diversity of opinion among them, and I've been in correspondence with a couple of them.
      • I really do not have the time to enter into further correspondence with the RAC over this matter.
      • We would urge people not to take up correspondence with these people.
      • Also I have had detailed correspondence with the chief executive of the county council.
      • In the course of correspondence with an Aussie bloke, I was asked about my experiences in caring for emus.
      • The two associations were in correspondence with one another and exchanged printed minutes.
      • I resolve to maintain more constant correspondence with my friend Amanda.
      • Five years ago the federal government determined after correspondence with these people that we had no legal obligation.
      • He also reads the Limerick Leader and is in regular correspondence with cousins and neighbours in Ballingrane.
      • This was due to a staff shortage which consequently resulted in delayed correspondence with members of the public.
      • I am very sorry, but I am unable to indulge in protracted correspondence with you.