Translation of correspondent in Spanish:


corresponsal, n.

Pronunciation /kɒrɪˈspɒnd(ə)nt//ˌkɑrəˈspɑndənt//ˌkɔrəˈspɑndənt/


  • 1

    (letter writer)
    corresponsal feminine
    to be a good/bad correspondent ser bueno/malo para escribir cartas
    • I suggested that my correspondent should think about writing to me with something a little more sensible.
    • Most correspondents conclude their letters with a forename or initials.
    • In the letters pages correspondents discuss some unresolved questions in prehospital emergency care.
    • After leaving Rome Galileo remained in contact with Clavius by correspondence and Guidobaldo del Monte was also a regular correspondent.
    • She was a regular correspondent who was devoted to her favourite entertainers.
    • The correspondents take pride in their wordsmanship and don't mind twirling it.
    • Berlin was an inveterate correspondent, living during the last great flourishing of letter writing.
    • His correspondence contains letters to and from correspondents in New England.
    • In your submission, does disclosing the letter identify the correspondent?
    • The collection contains, in addition to Cicero's own, letters from a variety of correspondents to him.
    • The archive has very few of Oakeshott's own letters in reply to his correspondents.
    • For Duncan, as for his correspondents, the letter was a vital medium of communication.
    • Mail came from all over the world, and correspondents included several noted writers.
    • If the correspondent is a teenager, the letter gets moved to the top of the pile.
    • I love letters, too; I think I would write more letters, if I had a regular correspondent.
    • We've also had concerned correspondents in France baffled over the identity of our mystery poet.
    • Besides, he has always had a million correspondents, some rather famous!
    • Many of my correspondents wrote to tell me they could retire now if they made that much per house.
    • She was also apparently a regular correspondent - though whether he wrote as often to her is unknown.
    • The following week, a separate correspondent wrote to say that he also had hair sticking up at the crown of his head.
  • 2

    corresponsal masculine
    • In the past four months there's been more pressure on foreign correspondents than almost ever before.
    • It reminded you of the days when newspapers had specialist industrial correspondents to handle disputes like this.
    • Now that kind of phenomenon I think is a basic corruption of the idea of the independence of the foreign correspondents.
    • He then went on to become the athletics correspondent for The Observer and ended up as its sports editor.
    • And our correspondents are telling us that the situation has become fairly routine.
    • He has been a foreign correspondent for 20 years with a ringside seat at many major international events.
    • In Germany in 1932, Reuters had one chief correspondent, and one full-time assistant.
    • He has also written as a correspondent for numerous magazines both abroad and in the United States.
    • As you know, he was one of the great foreign correspondents, print or broadcast, at any time.
    • Perhaps this is due to the death of the old-fashioned foreign correspondent.
    • Most recently he was the Beijing correspondent of the Far Eastern Economic Review.
    • Our correspondents have filed from all around the world on the stories that made headlines in their regions.
    • I remember having lunch with a foreign correspondent for a major newspaper in the early 1990s.
    • She has been a TV news correspondent, a foreign documentaries presenter and writer, and a newspaper columnist.
    • There were no foreign correspondents on staff, so the paper relied on wire copy.
    • He was one of the BBC's longest-serving newscasters and a veteran foreign correspondent.
    • CBS also uses its web site as a place where its on-air correspondents can write longer pieces.
    • She's covered the day-to-day workings of the White House longer than any other correspondent.
    • During the 1890s he became Australian correspondent for several London newspapers.
    • Maybe they're reluctant to divulge to us what they divulge to correspondents from other networks.



  • 1

    to be correspondent (with sth) corresponderse (con algo)
    • However, correspondent payment can involve payment between two banks in the same jurisdiction, if payment is to be in foreign currency.