Translation of corroboration in Spanish:


corroboración, n.

Pronunciation /kəˌrɒbəˈreɪʃ(ə)n//kəˌrɑbəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    corroboración feminine
    they produced evidence in corroboration of her story presentaron pruebas que corroboraban su versión
    • Without the corroboration of suitable theoretical supports, no intuitive belief can count as more than mere conjecture.
    • Based on such evidence, corroboration for the surrogacy hypothesis is low.
    • They lack confirmation or corroboration by any reliable empirical evidence.
    • But Miss X revealed that the police had systemically failed to seek corroboration of her evidence.
    • It is the job of the Crown to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt, and, as in all criminal trials in Scotland, no crime can be proved without corroboration.