Translation of corrupt in Spanish:


corromper, v.

Pronunciation /kəˈrəpt//kəˈrʌpt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (deprave) corromper
    (bribe) sobornar
    (text) viciar
    Computing corromper
    • It can become corrupted by power and privilege.
    • It is interesting how world power has corrupted this country.
    • On the other hand, the jury may have thought that they could convict only if the book tended to deprave and corrupt the average reader or the majority of its readers.
    • Further, he is a wrongdoer in corrupting the young.
    • Her acts of horror and blasphemy indicate she became corrupted by the evil power.
    • Macbeth, honest and humble, was corrupted by the powers of fortune.
    • The author's focus on how money corrupts the political process is dead right, of course, but it's hardly original.
    • Outside forces like the press and media could corrupt the young boy, and John wished his son to have the most normal of childhoods, in light of the circumstances.
    • There's no way you'll hear me saying, ‘dishonesty at any level corrupts the individual’, or find me stalking birds around the garden.
    • Having power in the government corrupted them.
    • A message entirely without redundancy may contain the maximum amount of information, but cannot be corrected if it is corrupted in some way, because there is no ‘spare’ material to check with.
    • The moral consideration of Animal Farm is that power corrupts people.
    • I was drawn astray by the promise of power, and it corrupted my poor mind.
    • While I agree that both parties are almost hopelessly corrupted by corporate money and power, the hope for a viable third party here is still very slim.
    • He was a frugal man himself and he feared that the money would corrupt both his family and the strict religious principles of his regime.
    • It is morally devastating and corrupts men by cumulative temptation.
    • When you have so many bureaucrats and human beings corrupted by money, the problems pile up.
    • It destroys your moral power abroad; it corrupts your politicians at home.
    • All governments and politicians are corrupted by power.
    • Ostensibly, we are protecting minors from being morally corrupted by adults?
    • Third, people can betray the work that they have been given by doing it poorly or dishonestly and corrupting the final product.
    • Essentially it was a modern and very predictable parable about - yes you've guessed it - how the beautiful game has been corrupted by money.
    • Media companies are ruining democracy and corrupting our public life.
    • But then Redmond apparently got wind of the survey, and the innocent poll was swiftly corrupted.
    • Congress itself saw that the money flow needed to be stemmed, for the money was corrupting the process.
    • We cannot be trusted with domination, becoming too easily corrupted by its power and too often succumbing to repression in defending it.
    • Far from money corrupting our appreciation of art, it often opens up important questions of quality and critical esteem.
    • This power soon corrupted them and people were put to death for daring to disobey the laws.
    • All three deal with the way money corrupts people, but more specifically, how every transaction in life is based on money and how the intersection of money and personal relationships destroys or, at very best, warps everyone's life.
    • As we speak, Esperanto is being corrupted by upstart languages.
    • But they are increasing their power, slowly corrupting the very foundations of the world and even the hearts of men.
    • Inevitably power will corrupt its possessor - but some may resist its corrupting effect for longer than others.
    • The masses are too immersed in suspicions that money has corrupted sports beyond hope.
    • Here's hoping fame doesn't corrupt them, because these boys are bound to go very far indeed.
    • Money corrupts the process, of course, but voters have let that happen, let rich people and organizations have an influence on the process that ordinary folks can't match.
    • The process of market research has been corrupted by paid research.
    • We can get angry about it, complaining that the perfect language of our childhood is being corrupted by ignorance and carelessness, but we can't stop it happening.
    • To avoid being corrupted by money in this manner, we simply remove it from the equation.
    • As a celebrity, I became corrupted by sex and money.
    • And afterwards I became more like I was before I'd been corrupted by all that money and excess.
    • I may have an impoverished imagination, but the only explanation that seems to fit is the mundane power of money to corrupt one's beliefs.
    • Thomsby's concerns weren't based solely on his fear that power would corrupt most individuals, although that was a very real possibility.
    • This Ring, ‘the Ring to rule them all’, had the power to corrupt any person who possessed it.
    • I can look to my brother to see how the lust for that money can corrupt an entire personality.
    • This is bad, for they are already being corrupted by their own power and I fear I'm now powerless to resist - that's why I'm cowering away in this place.
    • Both are corrupted by corporate money almost beyond redemption.


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    (society/government/person) corrompido
    (government/society/person) corrupto
    corrupt practices (in government, law) corrupción feminine
    • Attempts to eradicate migration of young people for work will increase their reliance on corrupt officials and use of clandestine routes
    • The group members confront the film industry types about their rotten films and corrupt lives.
    • He finds them incompatible; one is good, right, and pure, the other corrupt, evil, and hypocritical.
    • While these benefited, half the money was stolen by corrupt officials.
    • I would prefer instead to create my own small business with the money that would otherwise go into the pockets of corrupt officials.
    • It has led us to ruin; it is morally corrupt and its credibility is shot to pieces.
    • Some borrowed money was pocketed by corrupt officials.
    • It has to do with the corrupt misuse of big money to subvert democracy.
    • They began as innocent children and were gradually rendered wicked and evil and absolutely corrupt by the treatment they received at the hands of those they most trusted!
    • Although the amount paid through companies was a little more, the stories of corrupt officials extracting money from otherwise honest taxpayers put many people off registering.
    • All we have noticed was that local syndicates were using corrupt government officials to defraud the state.
    • They are seen (because they are) as corrupt officials using their elevated social status for political gain.
    • I hope so, as it is clearly morally corrupt to give company heads millions of pounds when they have overseen a period of business resulting in job losses and cutbacks.
    • It's not always a dispute between right and wrong or angels and devils; it's sometimes between two evils, within the corrupt core itself.
    • The Review, meanwhile, was uncovering the city's underworld, its gangsters and corrupt officials, its brutality and greed.
    • Contractors in connivance with corrupt officials do shoddy work deliberately, so that they get a fresh contract soon for the job.
    • Just how did a single man sweep a nation with a morally corrupt and evil regime.
    • This racketeering ring is aided and abetted by some corrupt police and licensing officials buttressed by some crooked bank employees.
    • With its rhetorical poses and elaborate decoration, it was often criticised by later generations, who not only considered it bad, but also morally corrupt.
    • Audiences had never before seen anything so noisy, so gritty, so morally corrupt - and they attended in droves.
    • One is forced to believe in rumours of corrupt officials selling quality produce to private shops for personal gain.
    • It is feared that it would only serve as another slush fund for corrupt government officials and politicians.
    • I say we should ban the corrupt corporate money.
    • It features a group of con artists with a modicum of honour: they only steal from the greedy and the morally corrupt.
    • Along with privilege and education, leisure brings choices, including those deemed by moralists to be evil or corrupt.
    • Dirty money flowing from abroad is criminal, corrupt, or commercially tax-evading at its source.
    • There's something morally corrupt about that.
    • Unless one of the parties gives evidence, it is a Herculean task to prove that the receipt of money was for a corrupt purpose.
    • I, for the most part, think they are all evil, lying, corrupt individuals.
    • ‘There's an assumption that our money is dirty and corrupt,’ he said.
    • It's a quality many journalists would resist, but it is a moral position as valid as any other, and is only a weakness when applied to the evil and corrupt.
    • Well, he an astonishing man - an astonishingly corrupt and evil man.
    • It seems to me that we have pretty wisely recognized, over time, that in fact a person's ostensible theology tells us pretty little about how corrupt or evil he's going to be.
    • Yet the main purpose of the book is to tackle perennial ethical conundrums: How do we handle prosperity without becoming morally corrupt?
    • The inspection is aimed at helping curb smuggling and undervaluation practices and to nab corrupt customs officials.
    • I have cautioned him in the past that he could face serious, personal harm if he continued with his mission to expose illicit crime networks and corrupt official behaviour.
    • Exposure to extreme violence turns them into machines driven by the will to survive in a corrupt and morally decadent world.
    • I call on people to report any corrupt and illegal conduct concerning an election.
    • It is a morally corrupt institution run by a criminal bureaucracy.
    • By implication, authorities are immoral and culture is correspondingly morally corrupt.
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    (manuscript/text/edition) viciado
    • This is most amusing and shows how captive the Revisers are to their corrupt text.
    • Though one may quibble at some of O'Brien's choices in this free adaptation, she gives force and clarity to a notoriously corrupt text and rescues the ending from tricksy bathos.
    • The doctrine is greatly harmed here by the corrupt text.
    • Only corrupt manuscripts can produce so many departures.
    • The text is corrupt and broken, and the original books, apparently eight in number, have a disturbed sequence.
    • Those who wrote the corrupt manuscripts had no trouble with the other commandments shown here.
    • The text is believed to be corrupt, the manuscript tradition poor, and the editor on a tea-break.
    • Although the Arabic text is slightly corrupt at both places where this person's name is mentioned, that is the only plausible way to read the name.
    • The traditional explanation for this was that their texts are extremely corrupt as a result of their reconstruction from memory by a member, or members, of their cast.
    • It has become a corrupt text, with countless additions, cuts and changes ossifying into tradition over the years.