Translation of costumer in Spanish:


diseñador de vestuario, n.

(British costumier)

Pronunciation /kɒˈstjuːmə/


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    diseñador de vestuario masculine
    diseñadora de vestuario feminine
    • They are designers, art directors, costumers and especially animators.
    • She is a skilful costumier, but she has had to develop new skills when dealing with actors, designers and directors.
    • A parent, who is a costumer for a theatre company, provided many of the bright, colourful costumes.
    • ‘We have tried local theatrical costumiers but no one has exactly the right period.’
    • Thankfully, the costumier and my mother returned to the room.
    • The costumer does not let them down.
    • A trip to a theatrical costumier's secured the fancy dress, complete with buckled shoes, breeches and elaborate cuffs and ruff.
    • Forty classical dancers, folk dancers, musicians, singers, and costumers comprised the collaboration that brought the audience to its feet.
    • He keeps me around for when the costumers come back because he couldn't fix their problem.
    • Last Monday ballot forms were sent to stage technicians, costumiers and maintenance staff.
    • But for costumers, form still must follow function; the dancer must be able to perform the choreography, and safely, in whatever fabric and design are presented.
    • The company had an imaginative director and two budding theatrical costumiers who saved the day.
    • With his death the true loss to mourn is not that of the celebrity designer, but of the outstanding theatrical costumier of his age.
    • Many of these grads find work at the corporate headquarters, or as costumers and milliners, or as freelance costume designers for other local theaters.
    • What you want is to pop along to your nearest theatrical costumiers, where you buy (follow me closely here) a spot of fake tears.
    • And, as I have patiently had to explain to costumers in shows I have directed, footwear is very important for the actor.
    • It depends on what I'm shopping for, but I do reasonably well because I get my corsets and costumes made for me by my best-friend who is a costumier, and she makes things for me at extremely good rates.
    • ‘Toby showed up on the set dressed so perfectly that our costumer did not even put him in another outfit,’ recalls the co-director.
    • They've been supplying their established costumers with rationed amounts of vaccine, depending on their needs, and are just ramping up supply enough now to meet the needs of new customers.
    • The costumier Tanya took us again to check the costume painting.
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    modisto masculine
    modista feminine