Translation of cot in Spanish:


catre, n.

Pronunciation /kɒt//kɑt/


  • 1

    • 1.1US (campbed)

      catre masculine
      • I smiled, and fell asleep on the cot beside my parent's bed.
      • They were sleeping on cots and in sleeping bags, and eating out of temporary kitchens.
      • He fell into his bed, which is only a cot on the floor in the corner.
      • ‘Of course I am, I'm going to sleep right there’ she said pointing to the cot next to his bed.
      • Several niches in the walls were used as bunks for men, and cots had been set up as well.
      • The two heroes slept in the bed while the Commander slept in a cot.
      • She was lying on a canvas army cot, under a cloth canopy.
      • All the refugees were asleep except for the patrolling officers with flashlights making rounds around the aisles of sleeping bags and cots.
      • She sat on one cot and the General laid down on the other.
      • That's why he has banned sleeping at the office, and why there are absolutely no beds, cots, or futons allowed.

    • 1.2British (for child)

      cuna feminine
      cama feminine
      • Sleeping between five and seven, some have futons for spare beds, cots for babies and can accommodate pets.
      • The baby was in the cot at the side of the double bed and the 10-year-old was in the same bedroom.
      • There are ten cots in the unit with two designated as intensive care cots and a team of 22 staff, including two consultant paediatricians who care for more than 300 babies a year.
      • You could tell by the looks they were giving us that they assumed we were already failures as parents, and that we wouldn't know what cot to buy that wouldn't collapse on our new one.
      • It's a centre for 23,000 deliveries, and we have 18 cots but only 9 intensive care cots with ventilators.
      • Her 18-month old baby had a narrow escape when an attic ceiling collapsed close to her cot.
      • I sat on a chair just by the bed next to the cot where her baby was sleeping.
      • Every time he's put down to sleep he wriggles around, quite often until he falls asleep with his head touching one side of the cot and his feet, the other.
      • When a baby in its cot began to cry a sound activated motor would rock the baby's cradle, play the soothing sound of the swish of the sea and a lullaby in tandem if necessary to soothe and settle the child.
      • It didn't take her long to move the baby from her cot to her own bed, and there she stayed.
      • She can sit up and grab hold of the sides of her cot.
      • Always put your baby in her cot when falling asleep at night, so that she can learn to associate it with bedtime.

      con barandas

  • 2US

    (for finger)
    dedil masculine