Translation of Cotton Belt in Spanish:

Cotton Belt

región algodonera de EEUU, n.


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    región algodonera de EEUU
    • A few thousand hectares of Muscadine grapes are grown in the cotton belt in the south eastern United States.
    • Shortly after his birth (or maybe before, the records are unclear) his father, a lawyer, moved to Columbia County, Georgia, on the Savannah River, in the heart of that state's rising cotton belt.
    • The book is at its best in detailing those institutions, as in the chapters on rural and small-town communities, African Americans in the South's cotton belt, and the sporting and nightlife attractions of New York City and Chicago.
    • Long before the ‘Dust Bowl’ conditions of the 1930s caught the nation's attention, he called for diversified farming in the cotton belt and the use of terracing to control erosion.
    • Two decades of rising prices had encouraged many tidewater planters to sell their slaves to new farmers in the expanding cotton belt of Alabama and Mississippi.

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    • Aquellos estados del sur de EEUU, donde se cultiva la mayor parte del algodón del país. Son Tejas, Oklahoma, Luisiana, Arkansas, Tennesee, Alabama, Georgia, Carolina del Norte y del Sur.