Translation of cotton candy in Spanish:

cotton candy

algodón de azúcar, n.



  • 1

    algodón de azúcar masculine
    • After eating his cotton candy Andy suggested we go ride the Ferris wheel.
    • Like cotton candy, it's sweet and ephemeral, but doesn't offer real satisfaction.
    • When cotton candy begins to form, sprinkle with a few pinches of pumpkin seed dust.
    • Grey clouds had started to rain and melt her cotton candy.
    • Sometimes, it seems, you need a little cotton candy for the mind.
    • From the moment the kids pick up their cotton candy from the red-faced lady at the ringside, they sense they're in for a treat.
    • I pulled a piece of my cotton candy off, and placed it on my tongue.
    • And candy flavors such as bubble gum and cotton candy are continuing to be popular.
    • The cotton candy clouds had dissipated leaving us with a blank canvas.
    • Free cotton candy, apple cider, and all kinds of prizes for us students.
    • Your favorite ice cream flavor is cotton candy and you eat it with rainbow sprinkles.
    • I gave him a sarcastic look as he tried to hide the pink cotton candy he was holding.
    • I can't wait until there is a breakfast version of the ice cream cone, buttered popcorn and cotton candy.
    • We had gone to the fair and I was hogging down a pillow-sized cotton candy.
    • There were also long line-ups for the cotton candy and popcorn.
    • While they were in line, she saw them in a cart, arms around each other, sharing a cotton candy.
    • As she stood in line waiting for her cotton candy to be spun, her eyes drifted over to one of the games booths.
    • There are the little pleasures too: the cotton candy for the children, the colored Ramadan lantern hanging between two buildings.
    • When we came back to the cotton candy stand I saw him standing there.
    • The check arrives with a complimentary cone of blue cotton candy, a fitting dessert for dinner at the circus.