Translation of couch potato in Spanish:

couch potato

teleadicto, n.



  • 1

    teleadicto masculine informal
    teleadicta feminine informal
    • Even if you're an incurable couch potato, there's no excuse for not taking regular exercise.
    • She in turn has become a couch potato, watching old movies and ordering take out.
    • If your cat tends to be a couch potato, develop some games that stimulate exercise.
    • Instead of being a couch potato this dull season, try catching a movie at the theatres, going to the club for a game, hosting a party at home or simply go shopping!
    • ‘He used to do karate and hockey, but he's stopped doing that now and in the last few months he's been a bit of a couch potato,’ she said.
    • Studio-hopping stars, hit films and comedy skits are being pitched in by all the major channels to add sparkle to yet another day for the couch potato.
    • If the reader is a regular couch potato, he or she must be aware of this interesting series on the BBC.
    • Instead of just sitting in front of your television being a couch potato, it offers you opportunity to shop online, play games and enjoy other activities.
    • The advent of television and the emergence of the modern couch potato sounded the death knell for such activities.
    • If you cannot sit still, stay home on your couch where you can stretch out and be the couch potato you've always aspired to.
    • She makes the exercises easy enough that even a couch potato like me can do them.
    • By lunch-time I could hardly walk and by evening picking up the TV controller made even being a couch potato a painful exercise.
    • You can do it the couch potato's way: take a chairlift up the slope, your feet brushing the tops of the woodland trees that are just starting to take on their autumn colours.
    • Let that be a lesson to the couch potato in us all.
    • ‘He has become a couch potato and online addict this summer,’ she said bitterly.
    • Playing with these toys while watching TV is much better than being a couch potato!
    • While he pumps iron to improve his physique, he is a renowned couch potato, who likes nothing better than to lounge about with the remote control at his fingertips.
    • Most of us know that some exercise is essential to our health and well-being but making the progression from a couch potato to reasonable fitness seems like a long and puzzling road.
    • Watching television has given rise to the couch potato syndrome.
    • The couch potato, chip-munching life-style is too common and it is clearly unhealthy.