Translation of could in Spanish:


Pronunciation /kʊd//kʊd//kəd//kəd/


  • 1

    past tense of can
    • All that anyone could do at that point was stay back and watch the mesmerizing scene.
    • The budgie knew his name, address and telephone number and could sing Three Blind Mice.
    • The first thing to go for was a decent wash in fresh water as we could only have salt water to wash in on board.
    • Seven bridges were built so that the people of the city could get from one part to another.
    • It felt symbolic of the trip - taking a leap of faith and finding you could exceed your limits.
    • Yet if its occurrence could be measured on this basis, it would be found to be non-existent.
    • How did you go about putting that into words so you could file a sensible report to camera?
    • My boyfriend and I wanted to sign up for the class so that we could take it together for fun.
    • He couldn't handle both of them at once, and he had to get rid of her after she'd seen him.
    • I was stunned by the sheer volume of sound that twenty five singers could make.
    • It tried as hard as it could to rally in the third, but the game had long been out of reach.
    • I made as if to look suitably impressed, but hardly felt that I could compare notes.
    • From Point Baptiste, we could see the low outline of the French island of Marie Galante.
    • Several families had to untie bikes from the backs of their cars before they could gain access to the boot.
    • I once read that in battle the most dangerous thing you could do was run away.
    • So I had to learn every aspect as much as I could, in order to get through it and make it.
    • We could see nothing except for the next few curves as the path climbed relentlessly into the clouds.
    • We could hear the clear belling from inside the patch of forest in the valley.
    • After the show, back at the stable lines, Barbara explained that I could ride a bit.
    • That meant we could catch the light and sound show in the evening.
  • 2

    (indicating possibility)
    (forms of) poder
    if I took a taxi, I could get there on time si tomara un taxi, podría llegar a tiempo
    • I would help you if I could te ayudaría si pudiera
    • we could be a little late this evening puede (ser) que / tal vez lleguemos un poco tarde esta noche
    • that could be him now puede (ser) que sea él
    • you could have killed us all! ¡podrías / podías habernos matado a todos!
    • you could be right puede (ser) que tengas razón
    • that could be the case, but we have no evidence podría / pudiera ser, pero no tenemos pruebas
    • well, I daresay I could, but I don't want to bueno, tal vez podría / pudiera, pero no quiero
    • I couldn't possibly agree to that de ninguna manera podría acceder a eso
    • she couldn't have got there before six because she didn't leave until quarter to no pudo / no puede haber llegado antes de las seis porque no salió hasta menos cuarto
    • she couldn't have got there before six even if she'd tried no podría haber llegado antes de las seis aunque lo hubiera intentado
    • it could have been better podría / podía haber estado mejor
    • was the soup OK? — it could have been hotter ¿qué tal la sopa? — no estaba muy caliente que digamos
    • he couldn't have treated us more kindly no podría / no podía habernos tratado mejor
    • they couldn't be happier están contentos a más no poder
    • I couldn't agree more estoy completamente de acuerdo
    • He only saw the formula in its microscopic form and didn't realize that it could be macroscopic.
    • One could say that it was not as good as in a strictly Italian resto, but still it was very good.
    • If my guess is correct then your problem could be related to ageing or some other cause.
    • One possibility is that he could be sent abroad, but in practice this rarely happens.
    • There will be a possibility that police could give advice to members of the public in the room.
    • It could force the service to be closed permanently.
    • In theory at least, this implies that adding telomerase to cells could rejuvenate them.
    • He could have bowed out gracefully at any time and it looked like he might, but now this.
    • Early suggestions were that this could be for two days a week, but it has so far been restricted to twice a year.
    • It is not beyond the realm of possibility that a deal could have been struck.
    • When we arrived, the sand was so crisp and clean it could have just come back from the Atlantic laundry.
    • He bristles at the notion that his views could be seen as disloyal to his country.
    • We have good speed and we thought we could pressure them with just a straight pass rush.
    • We are supposed to imagine that this telephone conversation could be taking place right now.
    • Don't put it in the hollow of the cheek in an attempt to shade your face, or it could end up looking like a dirty smudge.
    • They could well afford it, given the millions they rake in from the motoring public.
    • In theory, you could spend all day every day in the environs of your bungalow.
    • In fact, he pours cold water on any suggestion he could be a future coach of the club.
    • There is also the possibility that it could be used to re-examine unsolved crimes.
    • He then asked her record company if he could duet with her and was rejected.
  • 3

    • 3.1(asking permission)

      could I use your bathroom? ¿podría / me permitiría pasar al baño?
      • if I could just say something here … si me permiten hacer una acotación …
      • We had a letter to say they had not received the form and could I make a request for a new one.
      • Where did you find the information that you used to write it, and could you suggest a few books for me?
      • Is there a small heater you could recommend for when the icy weather returns?
      • I would be grateful if any readers could tell me more.

    • 3.2(in requests)

      could you please be quiet! ¿me haces el favor de callarte?
      • could you sign here please? ¿quiere firmar aquí, por favor?

    • 3.3(in offers)

      could I be of some assistance? ¿puedo ayudar en algo?

  • 4

    • 4.1(in suggestions)

      (forms of) poder
      you could try doing it this way podrías tratar de hacerlo de esta manera
      • you could at least apologize! ¡al menos podrías pedir perdón!

    • 4.2(indicating strong desire)

      (forms of) poder
      I could have killed/hugged her la podría / podía haber matado/abrazado