Translation of countable in Spanish:


numerable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkaʊntəb(ə)l//ˈkaʊn(t)əb(ə)l/


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    • Chocolates in a box are countable - two chocolates, a few chocolates, many chocolates, but who's counting?
    • After irradiation, the cells were left for 2 weeks under standard conditions to allow the formation of countable colonies.
    • Of course, if there were no infinite sets then there would be no infinite numbers, countable or uncountable, and so an Aristotelian would not accept the result of this proof as a fact.
    • By molecules, we generally mean assemblies of a discrete, countable number of atoms.
    • I remain hopeful that, in the din created by the current climate of pre-determined goals, products, standards, and countable outcomes, we will be able to hear.
    • At night the stars were so close it was like a Hollywood set; more bright lights than humanly countable.
    • In truth, I imagine my real audience figure only just reaches the maximum number countable using my fingers… on just one hand.
    • We could add any individual real number to the set of rational numbers and still have a countable collection, just as we may be able to prove individual problems from a non-algorithmic class of problems.
    • The plates were incubated until the colonies were easily countable.
    • The world, Heidegger says, is not the mere collection of the countable or uncountable, familiar and unfamiliar things that are at hand.
    • The friends I made with this group are not countable.
    • Mathematicians divide infinite sets into two categories, countable and uncountable sets.
    • I haven't met personally one except I knew there was one or two students at the university and I heard from people saying that there are a countable number of Jewish families still living in Baghdad.
    • In the central aspects of explaining the ideas on countable numbers, Aczel does an excellent job, while in peripheral ideas such as explaining the Reimann sphere he does displays a less then exemplary effort.
    • Thus, 100 countable individuals was a targeted minimum that was easily surpassed in many samples but not achieved in others.
    • A full hierarchical perspective suggests a continuum of variation rather than a countable number of objects.
    • As might be expected Cantor went on to find other kinds of infinities that were not countable by the rules he had established.
    • The concept of reasoning is a key component of activities that capture children's interest-for example, as they interact with countable objects during the acquisition of math skills.
    • The difference is, when they do so online, it is countable, transcribable, and therefore more readily part of the political battle and stories thereof.
    • In order to cast a countable vote, a voter must read and follow a set of rudimentary instructions.
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    (noun/use) numerable