Translation of countdown in Spanish:


cuenta atrás, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkaʊntdaʊn//ˈkaʊn(t)daʊn/


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    cuenta atrás feminine
    cuenta regresiva feminine
    conteo regresivo masculine Andes
    to start/begin the countdown empezar/comenzar la cuenta atrás / regresiva
    • in the countdown to the Olympic Games en los días que precedieron (or preceden etc.) al inicio de los Juegos Olímpicos
    • Once the countdown reached zero the cart began to move, accelerating rather rapidly.
    • In Florida today, NASA beginning its countdown for the first space shuttle launch since the Columbia disaster more than two years ago.
    • Initial data analysis performed last night showed that the countdown, engine ignition and initial phase of flight were normal.
    • The computer beeped a countdown from five to zero, and wooden spheres appeared and swooped down to try to hit the user.
    • The countdown has begun for Atlantis to lift off Thursday.
    • The countdown was stopped when a problem was detected in the computer dialogue between the control center and the launcher.
    • The US space agency NASA began its countdown Saturday for tomorrow's rescheduled launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery.
    • From behind me Ben shouted out a countdown, and then began his eight beat introduction.
    • To follow the launch countdown and the post-launch events watch the live webcam from the mission control room and follow our simplified launch status table in the attached link.
    • The countdown will resume at the beginning of next week.
    • So far he's been seen baiting the crowd with false information, and leading them in a countdown from 10 to zero for no apparent reason.
    • All the while, we watch as a nuclear bomb starts a countdown to zero.
    • A series of meetings will take place Thursday to discuss the problem and determine the steps necessary to get back into the launch countdown.
    • Any pre-launch irregularities noted during a countdown can cause a launch to be aborted.
    • The eleven o'clock ‘off’ from the City Hall came quickly and with the countdown from ten to zero, the Santas were on their way.
    • More and more of a crowd began to enter the room, stuffing the whole area and turning it into a claustrophobic matchbox as the final countdown began.
    • Everyone leaned forward in anticipation as the final countdown began.
    • When all of these steps have been completed, a complete dress rehearsal of the final days of the countdown and liftoff is conducted.
    • As the countdown reached zero he fully squeezed the trigger.
    • The mental countdown continued in his head: four, three, two, one.
    • When I surfaced, I heard the countdown beginning from ten.
    • Dr. Kraft worked to develop the countdown, launch, and flight procedures, as well as the design of Mission Control itself at the Cape and later in Houston.