Translation of counterargument in Spanish:


contraargumento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkaʊn(t)ərˌɑrɡjəmənt//ˈkaʊntəˌɑːɡjʊm(ə)nt/


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    contraargumento masculine
    • The counter-arguments are based on conceptions of social welfare.
    • Multimedia ultimately makes its own best counterargument by choosing an inaugural address by Wagner.
    • A counter-argument comes from the Argentinian, Borges, who claimed to be puzzled by his huge North American reputation.
    • Despite the absence of backup from a large multinational, there are counter-arguments that give cause for hope.
    • This kind of logic lies behind all conspiracy theories, with their infuriating imperviousness to counter-argument.
    • There is one important counterargument raised, perhaps not surprisingly, by my wife.
    • In what follows, consideration will be given to the six most important of the counter-arguments.
    • Bishop provides a succinct formulation of the counter-argument.
    • That is why the best counter-argument he can offer is almost incoherent.
    • He was referring to my counter-argument about the efficacy of low-carbohydrate diets.
    • To avoid mistake, with equal care he records the counter-arguments.
    • There are a lot of counterarguments to using more labor in China.
    • Of course some of the counter-arguments raised in this thread don't necessarily hold water either.
    • A very real counter-argument is that the risk was revealed by the high return.
    • In response, apologists have fallen back on four counter-arguments.
    • There's also a counter-argument that some may feel wins the day.
    • Making vaguely related assertions in response to an argument is not a counter-argument.
    • There is a counter-argument: that the test of an effective legislature may not only be in its legislation.
    • They are not disproved by counter-arguments of the Kantian sort, any more than they are proved by those of the Newtonians.
    • There are three counterarguments to the above objection, all of which support the "content is not king" thesis.