Translation of counterfoil in Spanish:


talón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkaʊntəfɔɪl//ˈkaʊn(t)ərˌfɔɪl/


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    talón masculine Latin America
    matriz feminine Spain
    • Alternatively, shop workers can simply keep the counterfoil from a credit card transaction, using that information to spend at someone else's expense.
    • The issue could be eased if retailers used systems which blocked out at least some numbers on credit card receipts, or systems to destroy spare counterfoils after use.
    • In the United Kingdom the customer's only sources for verification are, usually, the counterfoils in his cheque-book, receipts produced by point-of-sale terminals after use of his debit card, and giro forms.
    • One wonders whether there is something fishy going on, as what happened at the Moratuwa Stadium, when counterfoils were resold at the gate.
    • The metal boxes, which contained the ballots' counterfoils, and unused ballots also had no seal or had seals tampered with.
    • Save as by this rule provided, no person shall be allowed to inspect any rejected or counted ballot papers in the possession of the proper officer of the council or open any sealed packets of counterfoils and certificates.
    • One Italian made the mistake of ripping his own ticket counterfoil off in front of the coach driver.
    • For the first time I had to enter my pin number on one of those little keypad things they've been installing by the side of the shelf where you used to sign the counterfoil for a bank card purchase.
    • ‘I have paid the school fees’ and exhibited a selection of cheque counterfoils.
    • The new look blue certificates will incorporate a new SQA watermark, a unique security border and a new hologram counterfoil.
    • When we finished the tour of the museum and came out, the gatekeeper gave us the counterfoils of our tickets that the organiser had got.
    • The police have seized 704 counterfoils of application forms and two unauthorised seals.
    • When I empty my pockets at the weekend, there are enough tickets to supply the cloakroom at the Savoy for a fortnight - except, of course, the counterfoils are scattered across north west Hampshire.
    • The practice of writing voters' electoral registration numbers - or entering any other note which might disclose a voter's personal identity - on the counterfoils of ballot papers should be expressly abolished by law.
    • Then, with a flourish, he thwacked my paying-in book twice with his stamp, initialled the counterfoil and handed it back to me with a relieved smile.
    • I have challenged this but submission of my cheque book counterfoils and the fact that several colleagues could verify that I signed and despatched the cheque are not deemed to be ‘proof of posting’.
    • We have introduced tickets with counterfoils and numbers.
    • Those who buy tickets for three shows can take the counterfoil to the Mustafa showroom and collect gifts.
    • Write in less than 100 words about your dream and what you will/have do/done to achieve it + counterfoil of the ticket and stand a chance to win Rs. 10,000!
    • They bore detailed holograms on both the counterfoil and main ticket.