Translation of courage in Spanish:


valor, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkərɪdʒ//ˈkʌrɪdʒ/


  • 1

    valor masculine
    coraje masculine
    he has/lacks the courage to do it tiene/le falta valor / coraje para hacerlo
    • to lose (one's) courage acobardarse
    • Every instinct tells you to climb out of the pit and run but then training, pride and courage take over.
    • The artistic director of a truly great company needs courage, intelligence and drive.
    • After all it takes a lot of courage and imagination to stand up to corporate bullies.
    • Don't be afraid to change your mind, as concession is often an act of courage.
    • It needed incredible skill and courage, but the squadron managed to breach two of the three dams.
    • Yet, for all their courage and endurance, they are hopelessly divided in their aims.
    • That spirit of optimism and courage still beckons people across the world who want to come here.
    • Its heroes were men of courage and style who drove into the mouth of danger without flinching.
    • To seek safety and protection in our country has taken courage and persistence.
    • You're a man of true independent mind and spirit, a man of rare courage and honesty.
    • He was adored by his men, not least for his courage, chivalry and handsome appearance.
    • Great acts of courage happen every day, but heroes and heroines often go unrecognised.
    • We also owe thanks to those political leaders who had the moral courage to respond.
    • We might all hope we'd do the right thing if our courage were put to the test.
    • It is chilling to think it needed such courage for one excellent officer to stand up to her colleagues.
    • To describe him as a leader of courage and integrity is asking too much of a very sceptical British public.
    • He's enraged but he can't help but admire her courage and her ability to stand up to him.
    • Where are the politicians who have the ability and the moral courage to grasp it?
    • He had been defeated once too often, and his resources of courage were almost exhausted.
    • In a democratic society, moral courage is an essential ingredient of leadership.