Translation of course in Spanish:


curso, n.

Pronunciation: /kɔrs//kɔːs/


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    • 1.1

      (of river) curso masculine
      (of road) recorrido masculine
      • These are surface diamonds, washed along the course of rivers over millions of years.
      • Hence, it is reasonable to assume that they change their orientation to more southeasterly courses along the routes.
      • When cities were built close to the river, some of the streets followed the courses of the creeks and streams that fed the river.
      • It is true that present-day river courses are not wholly natural.
      • Alternatively, you could hire a bike and follow the course of the River Loir from Vendome to its confluence with the Sarthe.
      • Ur ceased to exist in the 4th century BC, probably because the River Euphrates changed course.
      • And by far the best way to enjoy it is to hire a cabin cruiser and chart a course along its winding length.
      • A distant sweep of pink sand marks the course of a seasonal river, Wadi Kutum.
      • At its most basic, canyoning is following a river along its course through a gulley.
      • One example of this is the Huanhe Road project that is to follow the course of the Xindian River in Taipei County.
      • In other areas, rivers will appear and disappear along their course as they find the easiest route to the sea.
      • We took off, the bus bumping along the rough coast road, charting a course due north in the late afternoon sun.
      • The sun and wind shower their might along the course of the river making their task of drying the clothes easier.
      • After briefings and an exchange of stores, both ships continued their respective courses with a wave and a toot goodbye.
      • The ships then maintain parallel courses while the fuel is pumped - an operation which requires a high degree of seamanship.
      • Middle Head Road and Peat Road, both tracks, respectively parallel and cross the course of a Roman road.
      • In other words, the flight paths of aircraft on a collision course are also shown in green.
      • It has been said that the course of a winding river is just like the tortuous path life sometimes takes.
      • These unknown areas were often divided by straight lines or the course of a river or a watershed.

    • 1.2(way of proceeding)

      the only course open to us el único camino que tenemos
      • your best course is to say nothing lo mejor que puedes hacer es no decir nada

    • 1.3(progress)

      in the normal course of events normalmente
      • in due course a su debido tiempo
      • you'll be informed in due course se le informará en su momento / cuando corresponda / a su debido tiempo
      • in the course of time (eventually) con el tiempo
      • in / during the course of a few short weeks en el curso de unas pocas semanas
      • in the course of our conversation en el curso / transcurso de nuestra conversación
      • during the course of the interview durante (el transcurso de) la entrevista
      • it changed the course of history/events cambió el curso de la historia/los acontecimientos
      • to interfere with the course of justice entorpecer la acción de la justicia
      • to run / take its course seguir su curso
      • Labor believes that the true course for world progress lies in it being run cooperatively.
      • Once respiratory or renal disease develops, the course is usually rapidly progressive.
      • Secondly, Honda will push along its development over the course of a season, so it is constantly improving.
      • The human race is on a course of discovering a new and unknown power hidden within.
      • However, pursuit of such a course can only lead to dependency and loss of control.
      • He vows to defy the logic of time and arrange the course of history according to his liking.
      • How do you feel about how Irish cinema has developed over the course of your career?
      • These extinctions become a problem to solve rather than the natural course of things.
      • Postoperatively, the patient's course was unremarkable.
      • It has characters that are compelling, sympathetic and which develop over the course of the plot.
      • We'll of course be back to you if any developments occur during the course of this program.

  • 2

    of course por supuesto
    • you know it, don't you? — of course! lo sabes, ¿no? — ¡claro! / ¡desde luego! / ¡por supuesto!
    • of course! why didn't I think of that? ¡pero claro! ¿cómo no se me ocurrió?
    • am I invited? — of course you are! ¿estoy invitado? — ¡claro / desde luego / por supuesto / naturalmente que sí!
    • of course not claro que no
    • what do they want? — money, of course! ¿qué quieren? — ¡pues qué van a querer! ¡dinero!
    • I'm not always right, of course claro que no siempre tengo razón
    • you know, of course, his father's dead ya sabrás que su padre murió
    • the lines are, of course, from 'Hamlet' los versos son, claro está / naturalmente, de 'Hamlet'
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    Nautical Aviation
    rumbo masculine
    true course rumbo verdadero
    • to plot a course trazar el plan de vuelo
    • to set course for poner rumbo a
    • the plane had gone off course el avión se había desviado de su rumbo
    • the project is on course for completion el proyecto va bien encaminado y se terminará en la fecha prevista
    • to change course cambiar de rumbo
    • the party has changed course el partido ha dado un nuevo rumbo / giro a su política
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    • 4.1(series of lessons)

      curso masculine
      a short course un cursillo
      • course in / on sth curso de / sobre algo
      • to take / do a course hacer un curso
      • to go on a course ir a hacer un curso
      • they are sending me on a course me van a enviar a hacer un curso
      • before noun course material material de curso
      • More math and reading courses for elementary school teachers were mandated.
      • Because on-site attendance can be impossible for those living far away, numerous schools and educators offer distance learning courses.
      • I've had students write me telling me that they used one of my courses in high school.
      • The new master's program has a set curriculum with no elective courses.
      • This could occur in small groups in teacher education courses or in large class discussions.
      • Many of the sites offered community college credit for courses taken as part of a high school diploma.
      • This information, while useful in upgrading the college courses, only indirectly affected the high school courses.
      • Tibetan communities made efforts to teach more subject courses in Tibetan in primary and secondary schools.
      • The figures relate to primary and secondary postgraduate teacher training courses for all subjects.
      • The school's academic courses include Chinese language lessons taught by professors from China, night classes for adults, and computer lessons.
      • The summer school will include courses on a range of subjects as well as outings and recreational activities.
      • The center offers research fellowships, courses, lecture series, conferences, and publications.
      • While aspects of the curriculum can be assessed in the written examination, courses of study in each school reflect the whole curriculum.
      • Initially, the vocational training center will mainly provide training courses for vocational school teachers.
      • Only dual enrollment mathematics courses taught on high school campuses are included in the study.
      • The internet based company develops internet continuing education courses and distance learning on their web site, with almost all the specialties.
      • Without textbooks in minority languages, schools were more likely to offer subject courses in Chinese.
      • The project also will test use of the Web to provide science lab courses to high schools.
      • His research shows that 82 percent of students taking distance learning courses are either local or on-campus.
      • True revision is only possible if you have studied the subject conscientiously throughout your course.

    • 4.2

      a course of treatment un tratamiento
      • the doctor put me on a course of antibiotics el doctor me recetó antibióticos
      • be sure to finish the course no deje de terminar la serie / el ciclo
      • A recurrence followed his initial recovery, and he needed a repeat course of treatment.
      • A repeat course of antibiotics at a later date to keep the condition under control.
      • First dose reactions occur after the first dose of a course of treatment and not necessarily thereafter.
      • Initial treatment should be medical with a course of antibiotics of at least two weeks duration.
      • Most clinical trials have used 10-to 14-day courses of antibiotic therapy.

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    (part of a meal)
    plato masculine
    as a / for the first course de entrada
    • a three-course meal una comida de dos platos y postre
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    (golf course)
    (racecourse) hipódromo masculine
    (racecourse) pista (de carreras) feminine
    campo (de golf) masculine
    cancha (de golf) feminine Southern Cone
    the race is over a course of three miles (el circuito de) la carrera tiene un recorrido de tres millas
    • to last / stay the course (complete race) terminar la carrera
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    (of bricks)
    hilada feminine
  • 8

    vela mayor feminine

transitive verb

  • 1


    con perros

intransitive verb

  • 1literary

    (flow swiftly)
    he felt the blood coursing through his veins sentía correr la sangre por sus venas literary