Translation of court-martial in Spanish:


consejo de guerra, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈkɔːrts-//ˌkɔrtˈmɑrʃ(ə)l//ˌkɔːt ˈmɑːʃ(ə)l//ˈkɔːts-/


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    consejo de guerra masculine
    • He is the first soldier in the case to face a contested court martial.
    • In fact, in Norway it used to be a court martial offence to get frostbite.
    • He faces a possible court martial and time in military prison for his action.
    • Crime in the army is dealt with by the courts martial system, which has the power to sentence a member of the forces to life imprisonment in a civilian jail.
    • Great care was taken to appoint officer judges who had not been tainted by training as army lawyers, and in general the courts martial achieved the aim of fast trials and fast executions.
    • The Court found the courts martial in the United Kingdom, prior to reforms implemented in 1996, were inconsistent with Article 6's requirements of impartiality and independence.
    • He was brought to Dublin where a court martial found him guilty and sentenced him to death.
    • The US military has also announced the first court martial of one of the soldiers accused of involvement in the scandal.
    • If so, it is expected they will face trial before a military court martial.
    • The guiding principle for the selection of members of a court martial is that they should be officers who are not under the command of the higher authority.
    • That case concerned an officer's conviction by a court martial in India of an offence of grossly insubordinate conduct.
    • After the war powerful voices were raised on North's behalf but the Admiralty refused him a court martial or a public enquiry.
    • The preliminary hearing will determine whether or not they will face a military court martial.
    • As this is not strictly a military organisation, I cannot hold a court martial, so I will banish the guilty parties in a fitting modern manner.
    • They offered him an attorney and began a court martial proceeding against him and showed him the email that he had sent to me.
    • The soldiers were subsequently tried by a regimental court martial and acquitted.
    • The announcement of the impending courts martial, with at least seven army personnel facing war crimes charges, led to an outcry by senior military figures.
    • Any trial of civilians held by military authorities under martial law would not enjoy the status of a court martial.
    • As the convening officer then, he appoints both the members of the court martial who are officers, as well as the judge advocate.
    • They will stand trial at a British court martial but is not yet know where it will take place.

transitive verb

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    formarle consejo de guerra a
    they'll be court-martialed se les formará consejo de guerra