Translation of courteous in Spanish:


cortés, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkəːtɪəs//ˈkərdiəs/


  • 1

    (behavior/person) cortés
    (behavior/person) educado
    (behavior/person) fino
    (reply/letter) cortés
    • But you can at least be polite, courteous and respect the fact that your views are very different to theirs.
    • Andrew was a very gentle, courteous man with huge respect for everyone he worked with.
    • Sean was a pleasant, courteous and gracious neighbour who could always be relied on to lend a helping hand.
    • Remember to curtsey or bow, and be polite and courteous to everyone.
    • Tom was a pleasant courteous gentleman who was well liked in the local farming community.
    • A polite, courteous, almost lavender man, he seems the model of bourgeois propriety.
    • Women never say thank you when you are courteous and polite, only if you comment on their appearance.
    • A pleasant and courteous gentleman, he was highly regarded as a neighbour and friend.
    • One should not be arrogant or insolent but rather be kind, considerate and courteous towards them.
    • Your courteous manner generates a lot of goodwill and will also earn you respect.
    • More people were coming inside and Sarah was polite and courteous to every one of them.
    • That will depend to a large extent on how courteous and considerate motorists are.
    • But shop assistants insisted the star was polite and courteous throughout her visit.
    • Ernest was an old fashioned sort, well mannered and courteous, quietly spoken, and above all a gentleman.
    • Walking someone to the door will once again be considered a courteous gesture.
    • I remember being struck, the few times I met him, by how courteous his manner was.
    • Pleasant, courteous and gracious, Noreen was devoted to her family and friends.
    • They were respectful and courteous and asked my father's permission to speak to him alone.
    • I made the short walk to my booth number, and was greeted by two courteous and polite women.
    • You need each other, so be courteous and considerate, as you would ask them to be to you.