Translation of courtesy in Spanish:


cortesía, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkəːtɪsi//ˈkərdəsi/

nounPlural courtesies

  • 1

    cortesía feminine
    it is common courtesy es de (simple) cortesía / de buena educación
    • before noun courtesy call / visit visita de cortesía
    • He coaches, organises games and transports the players always with courtesy and efficiency and an abundance of patience.
    • Politeness and courtesy are highly valued as aspects of being ‘raised good.’
    • With faux courtesy, he politely suggested that Smith was being optimistic.
    • But that is not all: it is unfailing courtesy, especially towards the very old and the very young, that makes association with such men such a privilege.
    • Values such as respect, courtesy and consideration are the foundations of a civilised society
    • The very least he deserved was some respect and courtesy, even if it killed me to be polite.
    • Players should also show respect and courtesy to coaches.
    • Good humour, mutual respect, courtesy, a certain gentleness with people usually does the trick.
    • I have sought to do all this with courtesy, decency and honesty, respecting those who would like me to move faster and those who feel threatened by our moving at all.
    • Just as in the off-line world, online there is also an expectation of socially acceptable behavior and common courtesy.
    • It's a question of attitude - an attitude of courtesy that does not prevail here.
    • Anarchy must not over-ride respect, decency and courtesy on our streets.
    • The anonymity of the Internet is a definite negative when it comes to courtesy and good behavior.
    • I expect politeness and courtesy towards me as landowner, my family, friends, guests and visitors.
    • The waiting staff, very much to their credit, were the epitome of courtesy, politeness and calm, despite being rushed completely off their feet.
    • Except that first night at the ball, he had shown her nothing but courtesy and reasonably cultured behaviour, given his background.
    • They want lessons in politeness, courtesy, and most of all the correct way to drive a car in traffic.
    • He should have politely and with great courtesy informed the Government that he wanted no such State reception.
    • They have no courtesy towards road users and commuters.
  • 2

    they exchanged courtesies se saludaron con las cortesías de rigor
  • 3

    atención feminine
    gentileza feminine
    before noun courtesy bus autobús de cortesía masculine
    • courtesy card tarjeta de cortesía
    • courtesy coach autobús de cortesía
    • courtesy copy ejemplar de obsequio