Translation of courtly in Spanish:


distinguido, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkɔrtli//ˈkɔːtli/

adjectivecourtlier, courtliest

  • 1

    • He has a gracious, almost courtly manner, a striking physical appearance, and a sharp mind.
    • Literate North India, for its part, laments the transformation of a Delhi that was once a byword for elegant poetry, Mughal manners and courtly civilisation.
    • Yet that is not to say that Romantic artists still put much faith in liberal accounts of invention and exchange - even less in the courtly culture of aristocratic obligation.
    • He grinned, blowing out a puff of smoke, then did a courtly bow to the quarter-deck.
    • As he had the first time she had seen him, he made a deep, courtly bow.
    • It is possible that members of tribes were recruited into the royal armies and became acquainted with courtly dress and ornaments.
    • Taking a moment, he opened the doors for them, helping them out and giving each a courtly bow and a gentle kiss on the cheek.
    • Hidden in shadow of this courtly culture, the world of the highland Balinese has been largely ignored even though Bali counts among the most researched localities in the world.
    • He had asked her, in a courtly, polite way, if she would let him make the choice.
    • The young men parted to form a path as a courtly gentleman came up to us and, in impeccable English, introduced himself as the former minister of industry, retired since 1989.
    • It has a processional and stately character, having originated in courtly 16th-century ceremonies.
    • Thus the most elaborate arrangements pertained to the royal or courtly bath culture.
    • With its mixture of courtly refinement and everyday reality, this miniature is representative of many in the book.
    • The 59-year-old, with the courtly manner of the southern black gentry, shrinks from criticizing others.
    • The silver-haired Virginian with courtly manners is a throwback to a forgotten era of congressional comity.
    • It galled him to do this, but he put on his best courtly air and bowed to his queen.
    • The poet who was so courtly and gentle in his verse could be coarse and vulgar in his everyday speech.
    • Knights now had to be more than just brave warriors, but also polished courtly gentlemen, able to converse with and entertain ladies.
    • It deals with two women who reject their suitors because they've decided they want to marry men who are more fashionable, affected and accustomed to courtly manners.
    • In fact, they were both gentleman of the old school, courtly, cultivated.