There are 2 main translations of covenant in Spanish

: covenant1covenant2


pacto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkʌv(ə)nənt//ˈkəvənənt/


  • 1

    pacto masculine
    cláusula feminine
  • 2British

    (financial agreement)
    • I am also of the view that the court cannot read down or limit the application of the covenants to a reasonable level.
    • Meaning of the fundamental covenants and treaties were adopted by Australian governments decades ago.
    • Clause 3 sets out the employer's covenant to pay its own and the employees' contributions to the trustees.
    • They can check if any deeds or covenants exist on neighbouring plots, which may restrict site access.
    • The release was in consideration of ‘payments and covenants herein’.

    acuerdo para el pago de cantidades regulares de dinero a una organización benéfica

  • 3

    alianza feminine
    • The New Covenant permits Gentile Christians to be included in the covenant with Abraham.
    • Paul is talking about the covenant with Abraham through his seed which was Christ.
    • He made a covenant with Abraham to be God to him and to his descendants after him.
    • Part of God's fulfillment of the covenant made to Abraham is realized through radical reversals.
    • It is God, because He is faithful to His covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who has preserved the Jews.

There are 2 main translations of covenant in Spanish

: covenant1covenant2


transitive verb


  • 1

    • An acquaintance has said that it is possible to covenant money to your children.
    • In order to qualify for relief, there must be a legal obligation to covenant the sum of money for a period in excess of six years.
    • Any money it makes it covenants back to the charity - last year this was £159,000.
    • There is no percentage limit on the amount of income that may be covenanted.
    • For something this size, you covenant it to maximise the tax efficiency and hence the amount of the donation.

    comprometerse a pagar firmando un covenant