Translation of covering in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈkəv(ə)rɪŋ//ˈkʌv(ə)rɪŋ/


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    use it as a covering for the floor úsalo para cubrir / tapar el suelo
    • a covering of ash/dust una capa de ceniza/polvo
    • It came out of the west over a thick covering of Australian pine trees.
    • Through the window's thin covering, silhouettes could be seen.
    • Turning on our torches, the walls came alive with a thick covering of hydroids, sponges and anemones.
    • The current and clarity of the water have given rise to a dense covering of vibrant soft and hard corals.
    • The primary units cannot be easily detected because of the dense covering of ragged elements on the shell surface.
    • The seeds of many species have a fleshy outer covering, which is also edible.
    • In height, he came up to her waist, and muscles rippled beneath the thick covering of dark fur.
    • They should be stored in a single layer with a loose covering of plastic wrap.
    • I finished off with a thick covering of bark mulch to preserve moisture, suppress weeds and add organic material.
    • Several layers of filmy covering met her eyes, and through this her hands weaved carefully.
    • The mail sat piled on the small kitchen table with a slight covering of dust.
    • The bows are a straight vertical edge with a full covering of anemones.
    • The surfaces must have the maximum possible pace and bounce with a reasonable covering of grass.
    • A nice covering of skin with a good tone and pinkish cheeks can alter a person's face entirely.
    • Without missing a beat, Jake pursued the figure as it dashed through the thick covering of trees.
    • I woke up Sunday morning to a light covering of snow over a thin layer of ice.
    • The drums will then be covered by several impervious layers before a covering of soil to ground level.
    • A covering of snow dusted the ground.
    • She woke, damp with morning dew, coated in a light covering of mud and grime.
    • We know very little about the outer covering of the various types of dinosaurs.