Translation of cowpoke in Spanish:


vaquero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkaʊˌpoʊk//ˈkaʊpəʊk/



  • 1

    vaquero masculine
    • Murals of deserts populated with wagon trails, circling bald eagles and cowpokes chasing cattle fill the walls.
    • In his final 18 years, Harman produced oils, drawings, and bronzes of rodeos, cowpokes and other rustic scenes.
    • These two saddle-weary cowpokes have been riding the range together for about 10 years when the story begins.
    • The film introduces audiences to a varied collection of Americans - from a Vermont dairy farmer to a Colorado cowpoke.
    • From its start in the 1920s, it was a hobby - an amusing interpretation of American hobos and cowpokes.
    • It isn't going to be easy to convince her that we are just a couple of run-of-the-mill cowpokes.
    • Pick up the phone and get a posse together, cowpoke!
    • I wonder how the folk of Edinburgh might treat a wee refugee Glasgow cowpoke seeking asylum in the east.
    • He's a tired and sleepy little cowpoke and that makes him somber.
    • I marvel at everything from a three-handed cowpoke to a lasso that can turn into a bridge.
    • Between farm work and treating the injuries of cowpokes, Maggie is able to put together a decent life for her family.
    • Singing cowpokes even penned some of our favorite tunes, from yuletide classics to country standards.
    • I recently saw a video of some real authentic-looking cowpokes hanging around a pasture.
    • All the bulls get excited, everybody gets trampled, and we cowpokes spend the next few days trying to gather in the strays.
    • Ava smiled as she greeted the auburn-haired cowpoke.
    • Finally, on a high ridge overlooking the town of Empire, the cowpokes halted.
    • The cowpoke's folksy simile became ‘as high as an elephant's eye.’
    • Those cowpokes are concerned about recoil so they can shoot faster.
    • They might not have liked that kind of dishonesty in a young cowpoke.
    • At first glance it seems an odd fit, this touch of cosmopolitan chic in a land of cowpokes and pickup trucks.