Translation of cowtown in Spanish:


ciudad ganadera, n.

(cow town)



  • 1

    (rural town)
    ciudad ganadera feminine
    • If only it could talk, it looks as if it could tell tales of cattle drives, cow towns, campfires, shootouts - and gullible gunwriters.
    • Livingston is attached to its past as an old cow town where you could walk down the street and greet your neighbors.
    • Asheville in fact became a leading cow town long before that distinction befell Dodge City or Abilene.
    • Wyatt had been a peace officer in two of the West's roughest cow towns.
    • An atmosphere of an old American cow town is being presented with cowboys in western gear walking around town.
  • 2

    (unsophisticated town)
    pueblo de mala muerte masculine
    pueblucho masculine
    • Not too shabby for a bunch of Texans working part-time in a cow town.
    • ‘I got off a tour bus when Denver was a sleepy cow town,’ he recalls.
    • At 18, she plunked down the money she'd been saving for years to buy a train ticket to Manhattan and leave her cow town behind.
    • How else do you think she went from some cow town in Canada to being a stage star?
    • I've traveled by modem vehicle from south Texas to the Kansas cow town of Dodge City.