Translation of cox in Spanish:


timonel, n.

Pronunciation: /kɒks//kɑks/


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    (masculine and feminine) timonel
    • The Rowing Council are sponsoring three seminars educating coxes about the racing line on the Championship course.
    • In sweep rowing events, the rower nearest the cox - the stroke - is vital as they set the rhythm of the boat.
    • Hodge's position in the eight-man crew was as stroke man, opposite the cox.
    • The cox gave the sprint call earlier than planned to get away from the Chinese.
    • France's cox goes in the drink after winning the lightweight eight.
    • The Sports Council contributed €5,000 towards the cost of sending rowers and coxes to these championships.
    • Not all the shorties want to be jockeys and coxes!
    • The cox aims to use their rudder as little as possible.
    • In total, over 100 coxes, coaches and club representatives attended the two sessions.
    • Only two coxes have not already represented their country at senior level.
    • In return the cox steered and motivated the crew.
    • Rowing conditions were perfect in particular for coxes who have to manoeuvre the course with care and skill.
    • The cox's shouts of ‘hold it up’ and ‘pull hard’ resonated clearly in my ears.
    • And Aitkin seems to be destined to be our cox, in a strange reversal of tradition.
    • Aseer's team consisted of four oarsmen and a cox.
    • The diminutive Moynihan picked up an Olympic silver as a rowing cox in 1980.
    • ‘Our cox was spending most of her time bailing us out,’ said Susannah.
    • I would never have become a cox if I had grown to the height of my brother.
    • The responsibilities of the cox are emphasised together with the responsibilities of clubs to coach steering and navigation.
    • Of course, the whole problem could be avoided if the rowers would just keep their eyes on the cox.

transitive and intransitive verb

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