Translation of crafty in Spanish:


astuto, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkræfti//ˈkrɑːfti/


  • 1

    (person) astuto
    (person) zorro informal
    (person) vivo informal
    (child) pícaro
    (child) pillo
    (methods/tactics) hábil
    (methods/tactics) artero
    he's a crafty old fox es un viejo de lo más zorro informal
    • "Oh, he's much too crafty for that, " replied Armand.
    • Miles isn't yet as efficient as Williams would like, but he is quick, crafty and sometimes sensational.
    • ‘He was courageous, clever, confident, some people even say he was crafty,’ a friend describes the young schoolboy.
    • He utilizes the crafty technique of a savvy veteran.
    • My neighbors include a family of armadillos, a crafty old opossum and a resourceful raccoon.
    • The crafty machinations of the camera yield the spontaneity of the snapshot.
    • Meanwhile, a surreptitious measure of whisky is pulled from his pocket for a crafty nip.
    • Beware of a crafty and clever individual who can talk you into making a bad financial deal.
    • ‘Well, usually I'd just walk in,’ Dallas said as he scratched his chin and a crafty smile appeared on his face.
    • She glanced back along the corridor to where Hank still stood watching, and a crafty smile tilted her lips.
    • Perhaps jurors minds were perverted by the words of some pretty crafty lawyers?
    • These composition and narrative tricks would seemingly sink another film, making it too clever and crafty in a self-serving fashion.
    • She was that sort of girl, really quick and crafty.
    • Maria is a smoker and while she was having a crafty fag, we'd eye up all the cute smokers.
    • The carrot-and-stick strategy at first seemed ingenious or at least crafty.
    • He watched her stare at him and held a crafty smile across his face.
    • Beware of a crafty person who undermines your achievement at work.
    • The Geordies love him, opponents loathe him but he's crafty, cunning and still top class.
    • Steve was, and is, a pretty crafty hardware and software guy.
    • And while I was in there any thoughts of having a crafty fag dispersed at the sight of the smoke alarms.
    • The film makes crafty use of suspense from the beginning and there are subtle elements of mystery.
    • But they do like to dig up the garden, and are renowned as crafty escape artists.
    • The tiger was too careful and too crafty to reveal himself just like that.
    • She would have to do some fairly under handed and crafty lying to convince him to leave without revealing the conspiracy.
    • As crafty administrators will tell you, appoint a committee to insulate yourself against public criticism.
    • This year, a lot of GMs have pulled off some crafty trades and astute free-agent signings.
    • It's just possible that crafty, quick, powerful Jones could defeat any fighter in any weight class in the world.
    • He pieces together the history behind the crafty tricks and cunning plans of conflict.
    • I knew not that thy men were crafty and deceitful like a fox.
    • But elders get to be elders by being cunning and crafty.
    • His methods are crafty and cunning, he is the master deceiver.
    • We're just wondering what crafty manoeuvre he'll have up his sleeve this time.
    • She's very crafty… but, of course, I'm the one who agreed to it.
    • The crafty woman was clever enough not to give me the mobiles.
    • But Cass is pretty crafty and declares he is starting his own country.
    • That gets him in trouble against quick, crafty pass rushers.
    • He is kidnapped and his friends try to save him - but are are captured by the Queen's crafty cunning.
    • This is particularly true in the office, where crafty technologies help bosses keep abreast of what their employees are doing.
    • The government has wised up to the crafty ways of the wily general.
    • My red lips curl into a crafty little smile at the thought of that suave, devil of a man sitting on the sixty-eighth floor.