Translation of cranberry in Spanish:


arándano, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkranb(ə)ri//ˈkrænˌbɛri//ˈkrænbəri/

nounPlural cranberries

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    (rojo y agrio) arándano masculine
    • And hot millet with dried cranberries, pecans and honey makes a tasty breakfast treat.
    • Scatter the pecans and dried cranberries in the tart base.
    • There's also a pretty good chance that we could have a last minute substitution for the cranberry relish.
    • Last year, you could not get fresh cranberries or herbs by the 24th.
    • The main course was going to be a roast duck, served with cranberry stuffing and scalloped potatoes.
    • Berman explained that the studies were done using regular cranberry juice cocktail.
    • The Chicken itself was served with mashed potatoes and an apple / cranberry sauce.
    • Sort and rinse, then use just like you would fresh cranberries.
    • Flavors include pineapple with strawberries, and citrus with orange, lemon and cranberry.
    • I created my own mix by combining a high-fiber cereal, low-sodium soy nuts and dried fruits, such as cranberries or raisins.
    • If you buy cranberry juice cocktail, drink four glasses a day.
    • In the early 1990s, cranberry growers and marketers enjoyed several successful years.
    • So I grabbed a bag of dried cranberries and shortly after, Simon did, too.
    • Unfortunately the eastern wetland flora is not confined to cranberry farms in the Pacific Northwest.
    • It is likely to apply to cranberries and cranberry sauce as well as juice.
    • I like the balance of sweet and sour in this one and there are whole cranberries in there for texture.
    • Stir in the cranberries, raisins, and orange peel.
    • For me, it was pineapple juice, which was garnished appealingly with whole cranberries and a slice of orange.
    • I am lobbying pretty heavily for a spicy cranberry jelly from a jar.
    • Add cranberry cocktail and combine with kiwi by massaging mixture together.