Translation of crash in Spanish:


estrépito, n.

Pronunciation /kræʃ//kraʃ/


  • 1

    (loud noise)
    estrépito masculine
    she dropped the plates with a crash se le cayeron los platos con gran estrépito
    • there was a tremendous crash of thunder se oyó un trueno espantoso
    • the crash of the waves el romper de las olas
    • Suddenly, they hear a crash of thunder and see a flicker of lightening.
    • The contents of her backpack spilled out, many items breaking with a resounding crash as a result.
    • Neighbours said they were woken by loud bangs and crashes.
    • The plates in Hailey's hands dropped with a crash on the floor.
    • I was just dosing off the sleep when I heard a loud crash of thunder.
    • When I heard glass break and crashes in the store downstairs, I went down the stairs to investigate.
    • Della's reconstruction was interrupted by a loud crash of thunder.
    • James replied sharply, yelling over the crash of waves and thunder alike.
    • The recorder captured the sounds of loud thumps, crashes, shouts, and breaking glasses and plates.
    • Everyone at the table winced as they heard the bathroom door slam, and a crash as something fell.
    • I heard a loud crash as something broke against the wall.
    • As we approached I saw huge flashes of fork lightning and heard the loudest thunder crashes I have ever heard.
    • Her words were broken off abruptly by a loud crash from a room in the apartment.
    • Still holding on to the back of my seat he fell as I pushed it back, landing on the ground with a crash as the chair fell and knocked into the table.
    • A hammer flew across the basement and landed with a crash on the pile.
    • Between each crash of the waves, there was a boat zooming by.
    • Immediately, with a great crash, the picture fell to the floor!
    • Just as he was about to open his mouth to speak, there was a loud crash, followed by the screeching of the train's breaks.
    • She heard loud crashes coming from the room down the hall and she assumed that was where Mary was.
    • The class jumped as a loud crash echoed through the hallways.
  • 2

    (collision, accident)
    accidente masculine
    choque masculine
    plane/car crash accidente aéreo/de automóvil
    • we were in a crash tuvimos un accidente
    • According to authorities in Montrose, he remains unaccounted for after his seat was ripped from the aircraft during the crash.
    • In the meantime, Monday's seaplane crash left many families in mourning right before Christmas.
    • One person was killed and another six seriously injured in two crashes on the A64 yesterday.
    • Another possibility was a crash on landing caused by failure of landing gear and brakes.
    • High speed crashes, often accompanied by fire or explosions, hindered identification of bodies.
    • They say that 70 percent of all air crashes occur during landing.
    • The group has helped victims from more than 100 aviation crashes.
    • My parents were taken to the accident and emergency department after a car crash near the motorway.
    • In other words, he was not in charge of maneuvering the aircraft when the crash occurred.
    • The fire was partially worsened by the inexperienced local fire personnel who have little or no training in aircraft crashes.
    • Speed has been determined to be one of the most common contributing factors in vehicle crashes.
    • He too gave evidence at the Board of Inquiry today, telling of how he believed he was thrown from the aircraft after the crash.
    • A police officer was taken to hospital after the police car he was travelling in was involved in a crash with two other vehicles.
    • Most air crashes occur when a bird hits the windshield or is inducted into the engine.
    • The outcome of a fatal accident inquiry investigating a fatal helicopter crash in Orkney has been delayed.
    • Tributes were paid yesterday to young sweethearts who were killed in a horrific car crash at an accident blackspot.
    • I don't get people who sit back and rack up the dollars, charging for interviews after they survive a plane crash.
    • So far this year, a total of 41 people have been killed in road crashes in North Yorkshire, compared to last year's total toll of 80.
    • In the Netherlands, hundreds of vehicles were involved in crashes, but no fatalities were reported.
    • As is usual in the case of an aircraft crash, many unidentifiable small pieces of aluminum and steel also surfaced.
    • Well, we're going to figure out what caused a fiery plane crash in Colorado.
    • He survived 28 crashes and shot down 40 German planes in just three months in the First World War.
    • A soldier lost control of his Army vehicle and caused a crash, a court heard.
    • Additionally, 54 % of all alcohol-related fatal crashes happened on weekends.
    • However, the former mountain bike professional admitted afterwards it was a case of the bravest survived on a slippery circuit which saw countless crashes and numerous falls.
    • A pilot battled to avoid a plane crash as his stricken aircraft circled over Colchester
    • He's been gored by an elephant and survived a plane crash.
    • The moment you walk away unscathed from a car crash is, I can attest, a euphoric experience.
    • Deaths by unintentional violence were those by accidental means, such as drowning and aircraft crashes.
    • A high-speed head-on car crash claimed the lives of a teenager and two elderly women, an inquest heard.
    • He survived the crash by landing in ‘the biggest sand dune in the desert.’
    • Jack, and 47 others, survives a plane crash on a remote Pacific island.
    • Police are keen to speak to any witnesses to the collision or anyone who saw either vehicle before the crash.
    • A mother who survived a plane crash in the African bush is now helping educate a teenage girl she befriended as she recovered from her injuries.
    • The mother of a woman who died in a car crash near Scarborough today paid tribute to her loving, caring daughter.
    • Two children and a teenager were fighting for their lives today after separate road crashes involving buses.
    • It seems that the majority of vehicle crashes can be avoided by minor changes in driver behavior.
    • The cars run closely together in big packs, making an enormous crash nearly inevitable.
    • The accident was the latest in a string of crashes where cars have careered off the road near the green.
    • A level crossing keeper has been suspended after yesterday's rail crash in Lincolnshire.
  • 3

    (financial failure)
    crac masculine
    crack masculine
    the Wall Street crash el crac(k) de Wall Street
    • a bank crash la quiebra de un banco

transitive verb

  • 1

    he crashed the car chocó
    • to crash sth into sth
    • he crashed his car/bike into the car in front (iba en el coche/la moto y) chocó con el coche de delante
  • 2

    (make a noise)
    hacer ruido con
    she crashed the cymbals together hizo sonar los platillos
  • 3informal

    to crash a party colarse en una fiesta informal

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to crash into sth estrellarse / chocar contra algo
  • 2

    (make loud noise)
    (thunder) retumbar
    the dishes crashed to the floor los platos se cayeron al suelo estrepitosamente
    • the ceiling came crashing down on them el techo se les derrumbó encima
  • 3

    (shares) caer a pique
    (shares) colapsar
    Wall Street crashed in 1929 en 1929 hubo un crac(k) en la bolsa de Nueva York
  • 4informal

    (spend the night)
    quedarse a dormir
    can I crash at your place? ¿puedo quedarme a dormir en tu casa?
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  • 1

    (course) intensivo
    (program) de choque


  • 1

    to go crash into sth estrellarse estrepitosamente contra algo


  • 1

    ¡patapum! informal