Translation of crash-dive in Spanish:


Pronunciation ///ˈkræʃˌdaɪv/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (submarine) hacer una rápida inmersión de emergencia
    • Anyway, Brick's good piloting brought the sub back in view, now crash-diving to yet away.
    • If the submarine had come under attack, both men would have quickly drowned with no hope of escape as their boat crash-dived.
    • Often, in the mid-Atlantic, after forcing U-boats to crash-dive, carrier planes dropped homing torpedoes on the submarines.
    • These allowed a submarine to surface and crash dive without having to send out crewmen to dismantle the mast in an emergency.
  • 2

    (aircraft) caer en picada
    (aircraft) caer en picado Spain


  • 1

    sumersión de emergencia feminine