Translation of crash team in Spanish:

crash team

Pronunciation /ˈkræʃ ˌtim/


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    equipo de médicos que permanecen de guardia en un hospital a fin de resucitar a pacientes que han sufrido un paro cardíaco o respiratorio
    • Despite his efforts and those of the crash team and a senior doctor, patient WW died.
    • Calls were made for assistance but by the time the crash team arrived it was too late.
    • I am still waiting for a crash team in a rush to run full tilt into one of these.
    • Mr Hartley was there but never mentioned anything to the crash team.
    • I was making the usual round of tracking people down with wine and chocolates, thanking the crash team who had attended me, and so on.
    • Ms Harrison said that after the injection the crash team was called and she escorted Jake's mum Keira to a nearby room.
    • She returned to find a crash team frantically trying to resuscitate Naazish, of Great Horton, Bradford.
    • These will test the stories of defibrillated patients, who claim they have looked down on the crash teams attending to their lifeless bodies.
    • Fortunately, the doctor leading the crash team thought it was nonsense.
    • "Crash team" crews are being trained to use them.
    • Talks are taking place with the ambulance service about plans to put defibrillators on vehicles and to train "crash team" crews to use them.
    • When the error was realised a crash team was called and immediate life saving treatment was started but it was too late.
    • It turns out that the crash team, on arrival at the ward, had been told that I had written a living will and apparently did not want to be resuscitated.
    • Though Neale was not present two doctors attended and a crash team was called but cancelled, and then recalled within minutes.
    • Dr Peter Jesudason, a locum registrar, took over the procedure he had been supervising and called the crash team but to no avail.
    • Fortunately, this piece of news had been met with complete disbelief by the crash team.
    • Nurse Maguire said the crash team came in and she escorted Jake's mum, Keira, to another room outside.