Translation of crass in Spanish:


burdo, adj.

Pronunciation /kras//kræs/

adjectivecrasser, crassest

  • 1

    (stupid, coarse)
    (joke) burdo
    (remark) grosero
    (remark) de muy poco gusto
    (remark) de muy poco tacto
    • For them, the West was crass, materialistic and, of course, morally rotten.
    • Some of the songs were straight from the top of the genius pile, while others were just crass, crude and downright stupid.
    • As a result, the next generation was to tend towards political quietism and, worst of all, a crass materialism.
    • It is very often cheesy and crass, and is completely pretentious from start to finish!
    • There's nothing wrong with a healthy spirit of crass commercialism, or even a whiff of naked greed these days, is there?
    • Not only he is he a crass bigot, and therefore worthy of shooting, but absolutely illogical.
    • Over the next decade, the crass stupidity of the words must have haunted them.
    • By setting such a trap or permitting an employee to do so on a river where otters are breeding is crass stupidity.
    • What I am saying is no one, absolutely no one, should have to put up with crass disrespect.
    • I hope this doesn't appear crass, but it hints at the desperation of the survivors that we can help by sending rice to that region.
    • Yet I am not advocating a crass rationalism in which reverence, empathy and love have no place.
    • It's crass, sadistic and appeals to the very worst in human nature.
    • Communal forces thrive on the crass ignorance of the masses concerning the essentials of their faith.
    • To ignore such an evident flowering of talent and achievement is not only crass stupidity but a wasted opportunity.
    • In place of serious musical appreciation we got crass superficiality.
    • To state baldly that it's purely between the woman and her doctor is crass and simplistic at the very least.
    • It was a mindless and moronic act of political naivete and crass immaturity.
    • It seems staggeringly crass and inappropriate, but I understand his need to record this terrible scene.
    • There's something fundamentally crass and vaguely offensive about all of this, isn't there?
    • It's just a maelstrom of shrieking children, crass commercialism, and ratcheting credit card debt.
  • 2

    (utter, extreme)
    (ignorance) craso
    (ignorance) supino
    (stupidity) extremo