Translation of crawl in Spanish:


arrastrarse, v.

Pronunciation: /krɔl//krɔːl/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(creep)

      (baby) gatear
      (baby) ir a gatas
      (insect) andar
      I crawled to the phone and called for help me arrastré hasta el teléfono y pedí ayuda
      • a spider crawled up my leg una araña se me subió por la pierna
      • When she looked at the floor more closely, she noticed a herd of tiny lizards crawling across its surface.
      • So I crawled, dragging myself over the ground, clawing my way forward because I couldn't bring myself to give up.
      • The knight rode ahead of him calm and self-contained, but Kieran felt as though insects were crawling under the surface of his skin.
      • I watched as a tiny little puppy crawled out from under the bed.
      • The insects crawled along on their bellies, their legs wrapped around the steel.
      • Rolling across the ground, she crawled forward on her belly, ignoring the taste of grime and blood in her mouth.
      • His knees still on the ground, he crawled towards the bench, wary of his surroundings.
      • So, aside from flies, he had no qualms about letting insects crawl all over him.
      • It's about rats crawling up a drainpipe or something.
      • She looked at the floor, and an ant was slowly crawling past.
      • I currently have at least 6 species of insect larva crawling around the front yard, and I just checked.
      • Willis turned to the south to see a small spidery-like creature crawling about, heading straight for him.
      • I yelled, crawling forward to the edge of the concrete, and outstretched my arms to grab at him, but he wasn't there.
      • Last June, the 35-year-old had to crawl, slide and drag himself down the mountain for 10 hours to get back to base camp.
      • There's really no good way to carry a rifle when crawling on hands and knees, or when squirming to the lip of a ravine.
      • Each time he fell to his knees and crawled instead.
      • Closer and closer the child crawled, but nobody noticed.
      • It was just too much, I could feel the insects crawling on my skin.
      • The juxtaposition of pristine glass structures and the grimy creatures crawling at their feet makes for an interesting visual contrast.
      • I picked up the flower and looked at it closely; the petals were white but the inside of it was pink and a tiny black beetle was crawling around.
      • She glanced down to find a kitten crawling up on her boot.
      • Young children are prone to picking up germs because they spend time crawling on the ground and don't wash their hands as frequently as adults.
      • She would always talk to us about our troubles, help us when we cut our knees crawling through the undergrowth and give us ice creams.
      • Wearing my country's badge I'd have crawled on my knees to the finish if I'd had to.
      • I leaned forward, crawling on my knees to a bottle of beer resting on the desk next to the door.
      • Mack and I dove on the ground and began to crawl forward.
      • There were many times when snakes passed by and centipedes crawled up the tent.
      • He looked with compassion at the creatures crawling over the hollow log.
      • Out of morbid curiosity she pushed herself back into the storm drain and crawled forward on hands and knees toward the body.
      • The insects are crawling all over each other, searching for escape.
      • He then crawled to a forward trench to get the other one.
      • He released his grip and began crawling forward on his hands and knees.
      • The creature slowly crawled into the clearing and snuck over to Oki's side.
      • To retrieve the wounded it was necessary to move forward by foot or crawl under intense fire cover.
      • We saw tarantulas and spiders and bugs crawling all over the place!
      • Jenn falls to the ground, and quickly crawls over to Michael.
      • A pale green light shrouded the scenery, above a canopy thrived and animals and birds crawled and flew through the treetops.
      • I vowed to myself that I would catch that sneaky little thief no matter what, even if I have to crawl on my knees to do it.
      • White winged insects crawled on the glass and slowly buzzed away.
      • He looks around and when he feels that no one is looking, he gets down on his hands and knees and crawls towards the four old women sitting at the table with the case.

    • 1.2(go slowly)

      avanzar muy lentamente
      ir a paso de tortuga informal
      time crawled by el tiempo pasaba muy lentamente
      • A roadside survey last month found that on some streets, traffic crawls at less than 2mph.
      • Nine lanes of constant traffic come crawling past every day.
      • I join the traffic crawling on the 405 and we inch our way south.
      • He sat down beside her and looked at the constant stream of slow-moving vehicles crawling along to the junction with the street.
      • The result is a road and street system on which the city's five million vehicles crawl.
      • After all, when traffic is crawling, at least nobody's going over the speed limit, which is the only traffic law that the cops seem to care about.
      • On a lonely dirt road, a truck crawls along through the dark.
      • As your boat crawls around its coast you will see the breathtaking cliffs in all their vivid colours.
      • The car crawled at 11 miles per hour, as excited onlookers cheered the smiling President and his glamorous wife.
      • Hundreds of cars were crawling up and down the aisles and it looked as if there wasn't going to be a single empty spot.
      • He said hundreds of commuters already arrive late each day after sitting in buses crawling through rush-hour jams.
      • Cars were slowly crawling down the street, occasionally beeping at each other.
      • The streets of South London were unusually dark as our bus crawled through a rainy Clapham and Brixton.
      • About half hour from there, the bus crawled to a stop again, for another tire change.
      • Every week almost a million cars crawl over the Jacques Cartier Bridge alone.
      • An hour later, as the bus finally crawled its way out of that horrible traffic jam, it managed to reach the train stop.
      • A few days later our bus is crawling along while we stew in exhaust fumes.
      • When I looked out of the window, there were three or four blokes going from door-to-door whilst an unmarked transit van crawled along behind them.
      • Some motorists who contacted the Daily Dispatch said they had to wait up to an hour in the scorching heat, as the queue of vehicles crawled through the town.
      • Walking is better than crawling in slow traffic, wasting fuel and adding to air pollution.

  • 2

    the beach was crawling with tourists la playa hervía de turistas
  • 3informal

    (demean oneself)
    to crawl to sb arrastrarse / rebajarse ante algn


  • 1

    (slow pace)
    to go at a crawl avanzar muy lentamente
  • 2

    (swimming stroke)
    crol masculine
    to do the crawl nadar de crol Mexico