Translation of crawler in Spanish:


adulador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkrɔlər//ˈkrɔːlə/


  • 1informal

    adulador masculine
    aduladora feminine
    pelota feminine Spain informal
    chupamedias feminine Southern Cone Venezuela informal
    lambiscón masculine Mexico informal
    lambiscona feminine Mexico informal
    lambón masculine Colombia informal
    lambona feminine Colombia informal
  • 2British

    Motor vehicles
    vehículo lento masculine
    before noun crawler lane carril para vehículos lentos masculine
    • The crawler lane is intended to be a safety feature.
    • It does not include any plans to close the crawler lane up the hill.
    • Once he had separated the piece enough to get a chain around it, then a crawler crane came into play.
    • Essex Crane, which serves contractors nationwide, owns 500 crawler cranes in its fleet.
    • The surface of the road is to be replaced, and the crawler lane is to be closed and turned into a single lane road.
    • Eradicating the crawler lane would mean heavy lorries slowing down the traffic up Golden Hill.
    • They also back a series of road safety measures and traffic restrictions, including crawler lanes, realigning bends and traffic lights.
    • The use of crawler cranes is increasing and may be required in some cases.
    • To avoid interfering with steel erection, the precast seating risers followed the steel at night, using the same crawler cranes.
    • The speed makes up for the energy difference between this method and dropping a heavy weight from a crawler crane's jib, and there is no flying debris.
    • The A59 in that section comprises two lanes plus a crawler lane for slow traffic going uphill.
    • Table 4 gives examples of time needed to clear land using two different sizes of crawler tractors.
    • One of the most important aspects of new models of crawler dozers is the comfort of the operator.
    • Four fully hydraulic crawler cranes with a capacity of 80 kN operated the grabs.
    • Is it true that Caterpillar India is planning to roll out a new crawler tractor?
    • An example of a ‘group’ linked cost is the cost of providing crawler lanes for heavy vehicles.
    • Fifty workers using five crawler cranes will be at the site six days a week.
    • The whole assembly was carried to the launch pad on a vehicle known as a crawler transporter.
    • Contractors are also performing more lifts from outside the building where crawler cranes have greater mobility and stability.
  • 3

    buscador araña masculine
    buscador robótico masculine
    • Wouldn't it be nice to be able to leave some code in your web site to tell the search engine spider crawlers to make your site number one?
    • While the search crawlers will ultimately find you on their own, there is some merit in submitting your site manually.
    • Might search engines employing crawlers drop free listings altogether to concentrate on paid inclusion programs?
    • Search engines allow keyword searches and use crawlers to locate sites or pages that match requests.
    • Search engine crawlers will crawl web pages periodically for updated contents.