Translation of crazy quilt in Spanish:

crazy quilt

colcha de patchwork, n.



  • 1

    colcha de patchwork feminine
    colcha de retazos feminine
    centón masculine
    a crazy quilt of fields un mosaico de campos
    • It is hamstrung by a crazy quilt patchwork of warring state commissions, sanctioning bodies, and dubious fight contracts.
    • It is a philosophical crazy quilt made from the sheets of our ‘wrecked romance with God.’
    • The tiny squares change from red to green, depending on whether each stock is down or up, creating a crazy quilt of winners and losers.
    • The land between Laramie and Cheyenne, Wyoming, offers a crazy quilt of textures and colors.
    • They soon may be decorated with the crazy quilt of sponsors' logos that transforms racecar drivers into billboards.
    • District managers, however, are faced with a crazy quilt of funding streams for purposes that match the district's strategic priorities only by happenstance, if at all.
    • America here is presented as a play of reflections, its image a crazy quilt of the accumulated slights, projections and unrealizable longings of those outside its borders.
    • Still, the film is a startling document for its time, and in its crazy quilt of themes could be screened credibly in a festival of avant-garde films.
    • It's a crazy quilt of architecture built up over centuries with different styles at different moments.
    • Many take advantage of a crazy quilt of regulations that often allows them to skirt legal oversight.
    • This is not a linear, academic study but a living, breathing crazy quilt.
    • The big challenge is to come up with a program that stitches together today's crazy quilt of storage systems.
    • The masked areas form a crazy quilt of tan and blue lines - the colors of the two varieties of tape we use - and brown paper, used here and there to cover the white areas we have already prepared.
    • The pattern of voting equipment usage across the United States is a demographic crazy quilt.