Translation of creamer in Spanish:


desnatadora, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkriːmə//ˈkrimər/


  • 1

    desnatadora feminine
    • The facility is separated into two sub-plants - the bottling line side of the plant and the gable-top and creamers side of the plant.
  • 2US

    jarrita para crema feminine
    • When she first encountered the piece, Stem thought it was probably a creamer orphaned from its original tea or coffee service.
    • Teresa had already placed the creamer and sugar bowl on the table as well as butter and a pitcher of maple syrup.
    • So one day she paid him $30,000 for a creamer that was shaped like a little elephant and that would supposedly make any person fall out of love in under seven hours.
    • The service typically included serving pots, slop bowl, covered sugar, creamer, tea caddy and spoon tray all of silver.
    • Popular interest in collecting silver was immortalised by Bertie Wooster's antics with cow creamers and porringers.
    • These creamers, as they are known, were popular in the late 19th century, the Victorian period, and original examples can fetch £150 - £200 in good condition.
  • 3

    leche en polvo feminine
    • Alex prayed that Dan hadn't used the milk for creamer in his coffee.
    • Almost as if annoyed by my slowness, my father slid the coffee creamer over to me.
    • Coffee came with milk rather than the universal dairy creamer.
    • She had poured in two creamers and a packet of sugar into her own coffee and was still mixing the concoction.
    • Their drinks menu is impressive despite the lack of cappuccino, and I settled for a small vodka with ice and a coffee with creamer for later.
    • He neglected breakfast for two pots of coffee that he drank with heavy sugar and creamer.
    • And you don't have any American coffee creamer.
    • She poured some coffee into a mug and handed it to me, along with some sugar packs and creamer.
    • She placed four mugs of coffee onto a tray, along with the sugar and creamer, and carried it to the living room.
    • She slowly sipped her cup of coffee with gingerbread creamer and looked around the small room.
    • Junior poured himself a mug of coffee, and stirred in a spoonful of powdered creamer.
    • I told Sheila, the waitress behind the counter, that I wanted a blueberry bagel and coffee with Irish creamer.
    • Cut down on the amount of creamer in morning coffee.
    • Jon also offers advice to aspiring voice talent: don't drink coke or coffee with creamer, but lemons and water are great!
    • She sprinkled a teaspoonful of powdered non-dairy creamer into the coffee and watched the crystals explode into tiny pale swirls.
    • As a matter of fact, I haven't had a nice fresh cup of coffee with creamer in years.
    • He discovered something in his pocket and fished it out: a packet of nondairy creamer.
    • Dan used the milk in the fridge as creamer for his coffee - he had the late shift tonight.
    • He then got out coffee cups, sugar, creamer, butter, syrup, and the china.
    • It's your call if you want veggie links or meat sausages, and you can choose rice, soy or real creamer for your coffee.