Translation of creation in Spanish:


creación, n.

Pronunciation: /kriˈeɪʃ(ə)n//kriːˈeɪʃ(ə)n/


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    creación masculine
    the Creation la Creación
    • where in creation have you been? ¿dónde diablos has estado?
    • One of the most vital elements to consider with business creation was, he argued, the pursuit of excellence.
    • It was the development of farms that led to creation of the world's first great civilisations.
    • I think wealth creation is undoubtedly something that we need to do in society.
    • Most products bought by private consumers represent the culmination of a long process of value creation.
    • Their creation involves processes that date from the time of the horse-and-cart.
    • Yet it is exactly the films that attempt to show the painstaking process of canvas creation that are the most successful.
    • The refurbishment of the toilets under the Town Hall and creation of disabled access would of course be necessary.
    • In a time of relative prosperity, the emphasis is no longer on wealth creation but on how we use that wealth.
    • Turkey still bans strikes, five years after the creation of its export processing zone.
    • OK, I'm getting the hang of site creation but I knew it was going to be trickier than I thought.
    • Bloggers are not some new creation, but the newest set of the barbarians at the gates.
    • His process of musical creation is of deep significance to human imagination and will.
    • He helped nurture the Java Desktop System from concept to creation and even managed to close a few sales.
    • My concern is that the issue of enterprise creation is continually sidelined.
    • It is this industrial revolution that is the defining process in the creation of modernity as we know it.
    • He said the possible creation of 470 jobs helped to balance the news that other firms were having to let workers go.
    • U.S. troops were pivotal in the defeat of Hitler and creation of a democratic German state.
    • The creation process uses Bioglass, a material that mimics that structure of bone.
    • Should the Scottish parliament approve its creation, the new authority will be run like a private company.
    • It brings forth the serene power of creation and sustenance through the ages.
    • The supply of raw material for these creations is virtually infinite.
    • Peter is an artist himself and has some of his own very interesting creations on sale in the shop.
    • We need to be teaching love towards Creation, to love creation, not only love one another.
    • Children who take along their own flowers will be shown how to turn them into artistic creations.
    • As well as raising money and sponsorship for the event, she teaches workshops and makes her own creations.
    • Paul establishes the fact that from nature one can know that creation has a creator.
    • The third relationship broken by sin in the Garden of Eden was the relationship of Creation with humankind.
    • They were exhibiting creations at the Manchester College of Arts and Technology Final Year Show.
    • His creations for both men and women are characterised by contrasting patterns and fabrics lying together.
    • No other chef has ever come close to the scale, complexity and inventiveness of his creations.
    • He found a job in 48 hours by showing up for an interview outfitted in one of his creations.
    • It's just one of the many beautiful things about God's creation, and I say that we should enjoy it while it lasts.
    • She does not see the CDs as junk, rather as raw material for her artistic creations.
    • As long as there are weddings there will always be a market for extravagant and lavish creations.
    • Perhaps we face a new kind of religious syncretism that combines digital fever with the worship of Creation.
    • In the present age, the whole creation awaits liberation from bondage.
    • It needs no special skills, and Origami creations can even be sold as decorations.
    • While a few turn their heads from his creations, most others are left in awe.
    • Is it one of those fancy worktop corkscrews that look like the vice you used to wedge your woodwork creations into at high school?
    • If this is what can happen in the world of fiction, imagine how much more we can do in the real world when we are united with Jesus, the Lord of all Creation!
    • He marvels at the incredible design in our bodies and testifies to the hand of our Creator evident in Creation.
    • The tunes are creations of spellbinding joy and the lyrics poetic enough to turn men with steel hearts to jelly.
    • The scale is tipping too far in favour of me making money off old creations rather than me creating new ones.
    • All Creation is sustained and maintained by Hashem's truth.
    • Surely the designer would have put in a catch to make sure that none of his creations began to start thinking about this.
    • However, if sentient aliens are part of His Creation, then mankind cannot be the focal point of His created universe.
    • Both ballets were made last year, both are up-to-the minute creations with a strong sense of mood and place.
    • It is a good reminder that the Divine presence exists in all of creation, not just in man.
    • His thoughts and creations even in music have helped me all through my life.
    • Even if these people are the fictional creations of a playwright, you feel that you know them at the end of a good play.
    • All the hairstyles presented were original creations for women in the new year.
    • Man is to be focussed on haShem and His Torah believing that His Ways effect what is Good for all His Creation.
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    (thing created)
    creación masculine
    she was wearing an Erika creation llevaba un modelo / una creación de Erika