Translation of creature in Spanish:


criatura, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkritʃər//ˈkriːtʃə/


  • 1

    (animate being)
    criatura feminine
    all living creatures todas las criaturas vivientes
    • they're friendly little creatures son unos animalitos muy simpáticos
    • sea creature animal marino
    • creatures from another planet seres de otro planeta
    • before noun she likes her creature comforts le gustan las comodidades
    • Cows are innocent herbivores that would never knowingly consume the rendered remains of their fellow creatures.
    • We, and our fellow creatures, will be the beneficiaries.
    • I was brought up understanding that there were certain courtesies and considerations to be extended to all fellow creatures.
    • Wherever I go, I am awed by the diversity of our fellow creatures and their staggering variety of color, design, adaption and behavior.
    • The company of one's fellow creatures was always the point of the public house.
    • We all have views about how our fellow creatures should be treated but it is in the nature of our democracy that the House of Commons decides the law.
    • The most natural privilege of man, next to the right of acting for himself, is that of combining his exertions with those of his fellow creatures and of acting in common with them.
    • We Homo sapiens are fascinated by observing our fellow creatures as they go about their daily grind - eating, sleeping, courting.
    • We serve God best when we exercise our responsibilities locally, healing our fellow creatures within our damaged Earth community and kneeling with them in the praise of God.
    • They encourage the viewer to take a more compassionate look at his or her fellow creatures, including the most despised and marginalized.
    • We have failed in our stewardship of this bountiful creation, harming our fellow creatures and abusing the resources of the gracious earth.
    • The moral standing of our fellow creatures may be humble, but it is absolute and not something within our power to confer or withhold.
    • Observe how it interacts with its fellow creatures, and the vast variety of food it consumes every hour.
    • Forgive us for the words, the choices, and the acts which bring grief to you and to our fellow creatures.
    • If you've ever looked into the eyes of a chimp or gorilla there's no denying that lurch of recognition for a fellow creature obviously capable of complex thoughts and feelings.
    • I look forward to sharing a lasting trust with my fellow creatures, learning from their ways and restoring that relationship we used to have with the animals given to our care.
    • But human beings are mortal creatures and subject to the whims of nature.
    • In the beginning was the ancient fertility that accompanied the birth of Man and every of Man's fellow creatures, each speaking its own language.
    • The last animal legends highlight the crazy swings in Americans' sentiments toward their fellow creatures.
    • In fact, a horrified response would be one of the means by which he or she would help to alert and enlighten his or her fellow creatures.
  • 2

    ser masculine
    criatura feminine
    • Most human beings are conflicted creatures and, to paraphrase George Orwell, some are more conflicted than others.
    • But do not expect any lovable creatures and charming subjects here.
    • And Irma, that vain, wretched creature, would never take such an unnecessary risk to herself as that.
    • ‘Human beings are sexual creatures and if you tell them they can't have sex it's going to come out some way or other,’ she says.
    • Rachel moved her eyes down to this charming creature's face.
    • Human beings are creatures of peace, and we shouldn't resist our natures, but when everyone else around you seem to be resisting their natures it's difficult for me not to.
    • We human beings are fallible creatures, and we have a habit of seeing only the survivors of a set of experiences.
    • Spin fantasies in your head, she's probably the most charming and intelligent creature on earth.
    • What wretched creature would give up the fight before he's truly lost?
    • He said: ‘I just thought she was the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen in my life and I had to find out about her.’
    • The girl was a pretty feminine creature with hatred toward men.
    • People are imaginative creatures, though, and they'll find a way to refer to it somehow.
    • The freedom which men of long ago had did not blind them nor did it transform them into heartless creatures.
  • 3literary, derogatory

    (tool, puppet)
    títere masculine
    • She was as much a creature of the control freaks as any of the weaker members of the front bench.
    • Like organic creatures, copyrights used to age and wither away.
    • Maybe he was prejudiced against humans, or even organic creatures in general.
    • An ancient race of horrible organic creatures becomes a threat.
    • They should also realise that international organisations are the creatures of the governments which created and manage them.
    • In addition, there will be different variations of existing creatures.
  • 4literary

    creación feminine