Translation of creche in Spanish:


orfanato, n.


Pronunciation /krɛʃ//krɛʃ/


  • 1

    • 1.1US (children's home)

      orfanato masculine
      orfelinato masculine
      orfanatorio masculine
      • Inside, gloves and mufflers are removed, quilted jackets are unzipped.
      • Carefully, I unzipped his jacket and pulled up his Alexisonfire shirt.
      • He started unzipping his jacket and flashed the inside of it at Charlie.
      • On the other hand, I've had to give away the trousers I bought in Boston in February, because I could pull them down over my hips without unbuttoning or unzipping them.
      • He was wearing a blue baseball cap and a navy blue tracksuit jacket that was unzipped.
      • Sandra unbuttons and unzips her skirt and begins shrugging it down her narrow hips.
      • Using the hand her manicurist wasn't working on, Eliza unzipped her black hoodie, revealing the hot pink lace of her bra.
      • She unzipped her coat, removed it, and draped it over her arm.
      • Hearing that, the blonde reaches over to her right sleeve, unzips a pocket, removes a flask and hands it to him.
      • Will unzipped his jacket and pulled me closer to him, so that I might warm up.
      • I unzipped my bag and pulled out my World History book, my multi-class binder, my agenda, and my Spanish textbook.
      • The halfling music major on the front row grinned and started unzipping the padded black case on the desk in front of him.
      • Chris unzipped the black duffle bag on his bed, chuckling softly to himself as he searched for an extra t-shirt.
      • I unzip my jacket and pull my arm from the sleeve of my T-shirt.
      • ‘Nice house,’ Rick commented, unzipping his jacket and slowly hanging it up on the coat rack propped up next to the door.
      • Steve reached out, unzipped my coat and pulled it off for me.
      • When I unzipped the black body bag the cold face of my mother greeted me.
      • He tossed Emily's little boots into the hallway closet then began unzipping her neon pink jacket, while his wife went into the kitchen.
      • I slowly unzip my black sweater, letting it slide off my shoulders, grateful that I chose to wear a long sleeved shirt.
      • She unzipped the small black pouch slung at her waist and pulled out a small orange.

    • 1.2British (day nursery)

      guardería (infantil) feminine
      • To accommodate the working hours of parents the morning crèche can now facilitate a drop off time of 8.30 am.
      • Services provided are similar to those in day nurseries and crèches.
      • Residents said the buildings could contain such facilities as a crèche and café to computer facilities and even a theatre.
      • The city has more crèches, nurseries and nannies than anywhere else in Britain, according to research based on entries in the British Telecom directory.
      • Mothers call for more workplace crèches and job sharing, as well as curbs on violence, bad language and sex in the media.
      • Judges were impressed with the cleanliness and efficiency of the premises' two gyms, its crèche facilities and social events laid on for its 3,200 members.
      • They have swimming pools, cafés with comfy sofas, beauty salons, bars and crèches that look after your children.
      • A lot of parents are delighted with the quality of care at crèches and see their children thrive in a bigger group.
      • Being so big, the scheme has room also for a crèche, shops, medical centre and an underground fitness centre with pool.
      • In a family where parents work, children are looked after in a crèche or nursery, or taken in by a neighbour, older brother, or sister.
      • There is a day care crèche for children and other facilities for the community.
      • A crèche is available for those with young children.
      • A high-profile adult learning centre will also be created, along with a day nursery and crèche facilities.
      • The new centre will include a crèche (with baby rooms), a playschool (with classes for different age groups) and after school care for older children.
      • Workers also want crèches established near work sites and residences to assist female construction workers.
      • Daily costs, such as crèches, transport and utilities are soaring, so knowing how to budget is a crucial part of life.
      • Most use childminders in the home and only 10% send their children for care in crèches and nurseries.
      • Fitness facilities, the crèche and soft play activities will continue, but the pools are set to close as planned early next month.
      • Some of the core services include childcare facilities, which includes a crèche and playschool for children aged from babies up to 5 years.
      • The new centre will give the area two swimming pools, a four-court sports hall, plus dance and fitness facilities with a crèche and cafeteria.

  • 2US

    nacimiento masculine
    pesebre masculine
    belén masculine Spain