Translation of credible in Spanish:


creíble, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkrɛdɪb(ə)l//ˈkrɛdəb(ə)l/


  • 1

    (version/story) creíble
    his characters are totally credible sus personajes son absolutamente verosímiles
    • no credible alternative has been offered no han presentado una verdadera alternativa
    • The plaintiff was a very credible witness when she spoke of the stiffness and pain she suffered.
    • Beyond this he presents no credible sources, hard facts, or research, in support of his claim.
    • She gave important oral evidence and I found her to be a sensible and credible witness.
    • The media's failure to respond to our work is a failure to respond to rational arguments and credible sources.
    • I must say first of all that I find that the respondent is not a credible witness.
    • It was even worse that she had a hard time sounding credible when she did it.
    • The court found his evidence to be credible and therefore considered its weight.
    • There are lots of other situations in life when it is vital to be able to make credible promises.
    • I have considered whether the appellant provided a credible account of events and was a credible witness.
    • Whether or not credible information existed to substantiate the story's claims is still a mystery.
    • Your offer and plea for helping farming would have sounded credible if it was voluntary for us to help them.
    • That is surprising given the fact that he is the only person who is able to give any credible evidence.
    • The only credible justification can be that it is reasonable to do so.
    • As I did not find him to be a credible witness, I am unable to attach much weight to the contents.
    • In fact there is no reason, and no credible excuse, why there cannot be elections in June.
    • I regret to say that I did not find the appellant to be a credible witness at all.
    • Can you point me to a credible, non-political figure who does support your policy?
    • He impressed me as an intelligent and honest witness and I found his account wholly credible.
    • She was specific about her injuries and what had happened to her, we found her to be a credible witness.
    • On the issue of persecution and ill-treatment I find that the Appellant is a credible witness.