Translation of credit rating in Spanish:

credit rating

calificación de riesgo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkrɛdət ˌreɪdɪŋ///


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    calificación de riesgo feminine
    • However, if a company is losing its credit rating, financial resources may suddenly disappear, leading to debt.
    • Lenders aren't just cautious about lending to people with a bad credit rating.
    • Obtaining financing with a lackluster credit rating is beyond challenging.
    • Many companies use your credit rating to decide what rate they'll offer you - a technique known as risk-based pricing.
    • The company retains an investment-grade credit rating of BBB and throws off huge sums of cash.
    • If the issuer has a bad credit rating, bond traders demand higher yields to compensate for the extra risk.
    • But it says it plans to use its good credit rating to refinance.
    • Suddenly, nobody wanted to sell paper to an upstart little company with a lousy credit rating.
    • The price depends on several factors including prevailing interest rates and credit ratings.
    • Ironically, too much available credit probably damages my credit rating!
    • Transfer as much of your debt to 0% credit cards as your credit rating will allow.
    • Instead of selling loans with fixed interest rates, they offer tailored rates based on your credit rating.
    • It is one of a handful of American companies with an AAA credit rating, something it has sustained for 85 years.
    • Consumers who are more likely to fear rejection based on their credit ratings are also more than twice as likely to believe they'll have difficulty getting approved for a mortgage.
    • Financial lenders give states credit ratings based on their fiscal discipline.
    • Defaulting on a debt to a credit card firm or catalogue company could result in a damaged credit rating but it should not put your home at risk.
    • But in other countries, you may need to build up a credit rating from scratch or there may be problems with exchange controls.
    • Some lenders may view one or two missed repayments relatively benignly and your credit rating may be largely unaffected.
    • Freehold property helps to strengthen a balance sheet that may in turn support a better credit rating and lower the cost of borrowing.
    • The lower the credit rating, it is believed, the higher the chances are for a country to default on its sovereign debt obligations.