Translation of credit union in Spanish:

credit union

cooperativa de crédito, n.


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    cooperativa de crédito feminine
    • Many first-time buyers are borrowing thousands of euro from their local credit union towards their deposit.
    • One great alternative to getting ripped off by greedy lenders is to join a credit union.
    • In the case of a building society and a credit union, a person usually has to be a member or a shareholder in order to be entitled to deal with it.
    • The money market earns higher interest rates than their savings bank and credit union accounts.
    • If you do decide to join a credit union and take out a loan for Christmas, then you should apply as soon as possible.
    • They took deposits which they invested and paid the credit union members some pretty high rates of interest.
    • Councillors agreed to consider ways in which the council could support the credit union financially and through access to its facilities.
    • There was an increase in juvenile members and the credit union thanked parents and teachers for encouraging children to join.
    • She told this newspaper that she borrowed €90,000 from a local credit union and her bank.
    • A credit union is generally set up to offer a financial lifeline to people who are outside the mainstream banking system.
    • If you are a credit union member and wish to enter the draw be sure to call to the office immediately and enter your name.
    • I was a member of a credit union for a long time, and I felt it did a great job.
    • For example, the interest rate the credit union charges will often be reduced if you pay back the loan early.
    • He wanted to clear his old debt with the credit union despite encouraging his family to take on new debt for cars and kitchens.
    • All credit union members are invited to attend, where full reports of the past year will be unveiled.
    • Looking to consolidate his debts into one payment, he took out a loan from a credit union.
    • It may also be beneficial for you to obtain the lower interest rate credit card from your credit union.
    • I recently spoke to a taxi driver who had put all his kids through university thanks exclusively to the credit union.
    • Cheques are acceptable as payment from any institution, including a credit union.
    • All money paid into the credit union is insured and covered by the Financial Ombudsman.