Translation of creed in Spanish:


Pronunciation /krid//kriːd/


  • 1Creed

    the (Apostles'/Nicene) Creed el Credo (apostólico/de Nicea)
  • 2

    (system of beliefs)
    credo masculine
    • While we respect religious creeds, spiritual leaders and church councils, none of these can bind our consciences or force us to believe or observe anything outside of Bible truth.
    • He knew that absolute creeds, whatever their ideal, cannot be reconciled with differing outlooks.
    • We are a society of many creeds and religious beliefs.
    • Irish Toryism was the dominant political creed down to 1859, at least in terms of Westminster seats.
    • It remains a uniting force for people of diverse opinions and political creeds.
    • This is not true Hinduism, which has always shown its tolerance and accepted in its fold other creeds and faiths.
    • Although the prevailing faith is that of Islam, in no country in the world is a greater variety of religious creeds to be found amongst important sections of the community.
    • This chosen nation myth has been the oldest and most continuous creed in American civil religion.
    • People should be chosen for public award or recognition on their merits, not according to their race, colour, creed or religion.
    • This is as dutiful and strong-willed a creed as any Victorian moralist could hope for.
    • Yet wildlife slaughter has never been the prerogative of a single race or a particular political creed.
    • Their whole creed in politics, is that it is okay as long as you don't get caught.
    • Surely there must be more subtle and effective ways to win people over to your political creed.
    • You are intolerant of other races, creeds and religions.
    • Constitutional or not, the ideals are part of the American ethos and creed.
    • It is the appeasers' doctrine, the creed that inhibits the comprehensive response to a heinous deed.
    • Our taxation system should not be based on race, ethnicity, religious belief, or creed.
    • Socialism, too, has virtually disappeared, so that liberals and conservatives are seeking a counter-image to contrast to their own political creeds.
    • Don't creeds make faith into a matter of doctrines and dogmas?
    • The successors to the first apostles were just beginning to organize their ministries and develop the church's worship, creeds, and teachings.
    • And an argument without evidence is a sorry one indeed, more akin to a creed or dogma than scientific reasoning.
    • What have been the features of this creed that has dominated political life?
    • These are voices that represent all world views and political creeds.
    • The mayor said Thailand is known for a diversity of religions and creeds.
    • The creeds of the church are affirmations of faith and not statements of belief.
    • I don't want philosophies, tracts, dogmas, creeds, ways out, truths, answers, nothing from the bargain basement.
    • No ideology, creed or policy yet devised has ever stopped people trying to do the best for their children at a purely individual level.
    • If that renders its essence elusive, even to those who profess to be its chief practitioners, it also endows this instinctive ideal with a longevity denied to creeds that have been fashioned on the work-benches of ideologues.
    • The creed of the leftist religion is that any difference between people is a result of evil social forces.
    • Add in the anti-capitalists' flair for dramatic protest, and you have a very attractive political creed.
    • Our difference and argument with others is on the basis of their actions, deeds and practice and never on the basis of race, creed or religion.
    • On the cover of their magazine was a three inch by five inch mirror, which reflected the face of all their readers of different nationalities, races, religions, and creeds.
    • During the past 50 years, our society has been immeasurably enriched by people from different cultures, creeds and religions.
    • Historically, creeds have developed whenever religions migrate from their homelands.
    • All belief systems, ideologies, creeds, and theological frameworks turn to dust.
    • The burden that is laid upon a humanist or an atheist or someone who is not bound by any ideology or creed is that you believe in nothing but you believe in anything.
    • Meritocracy really has fallen by the wayside, as a fashionable political creed.
    • Churches and philosophers give us the impression that people live by systems and ideologies and creeds and things.
    • He scoffed at the disparate creeds of religions, each claiming to see the truth through the colored lenses of its own dogmatism.
    • Others, citing religious creeds of one kind or another, claim it was God that unleashed the earthquake and tidal waves to punish humanity.