Translation of creek in Spanish:


arroyo, n.

Pronunciation /kriːk//krik/


  • 1US

    arroyo masculine
    riachuelo masculine
    • The seven men had spread out and were riding along the dry creek bed.
    • Firefighters used a fork lift truck to rescue a stricken horse from a muddy creek.
    • They turned away from the waterfall and watched the creek flowing, listened to it.
    • After hours of hard training, everyone took turns taking baths in a nearby creek.
    • In the western suburbs, creeks rose rapidly and flooded houses.
    • Her lion tail flicked idly behind her as she walked towards the nearby creek.
    • In a few areas, rock and snow slides dammed creeks, creating small lakes.
    • Nearby, a smaller lake was created by damming a tributary creek.
    • Anya let the cool water run over her as she lay down in the shallow creek.
    • There is a tiny creek meandering among the rocks, which is also believed to have healing powers.
    • He earned his nickname playing near a muddy creek as a child.
    • Recently I was wading down a shallow creek in what I assumed was fresh water.
    • She was able to drink from a nearby creek, but she had no food.
    • We angled up a slope, rising away from the creek bottom.
    • The equestrian trails are densely wooded, rocky and hilly with several small creek crossings.
    • Fireflies danced about and the creek water seemed to glow from the moon's reflection.
    • Damp mornings are excellent for this detail, especially in low areas such as draws and creek bottoms.
    • The creek is flowing strong from all the runoff and spring thaw.
    • They rested by a small creek running through the woods that had started to become more profuse.
    • They are as at home in a mossy rock pool or muddy creek as on a spectacular wreck.
  • 2British

    cala feminine
    • Mudflats lie lower in the upper intertidal zone than marshes and are smooth, almost level surfaces across which tidal creeks meander.
    • In the south, coconut palms grow on a narrow coastal strip broken by lagoons and creeks.
    • Corsica rises like a mountain from the sea, creating a coast of steep cliffs and countless creeks, interspersed with tiny deserted beaches, and washed by crystal-clear water.
    • These were used for storing shellfish after they had been collected from nearby saltmarsh creeks and before they were taken to markets.
    • Shouts of protest ensue when students realize they have to ford a creek to get to the beach.
    • Coastal migrants can often be found along tidal creeks, salt marsh edges, and mudflats, rarely on sandy ocean beaches.
    • Between the cliffs and the sea, the rhythmic movement of the tides is forming a new tidal marsh that includes mudflats, tidal creeks, tidal marshes, and tracts of shrubs.
    • Endless creeks and sounds divide the land up into a series of broad, semi-connected sandbars and islands, and the road loops along with bridge after bridge over wide, shallow waterways.
    • Then during the spring months, the mesh bags are planted on creek banks during low tide.
    • At the tidal swamps, the shore is a low, narrow levee separating the waters of the creeks from the backwaters of the swamps.
    • Marcus tells Frank to pack his bags because they are heading to Twin Creeks.
    • My eyes scan the pewter-grey mudbanks and mudflats and a distant shoreline etched with filigrees of sinuous creeks.
    • Walnut Creek is where he was picked up.
    • To reach the village the soldiers had to cross a small tidal creek running gently into the ocean.
    • Living among creeks, lagoons, and salt marshes makes fishing and the salt trade part of everyday life in the area.
    • Terrapins have been observed in several of the marsh creeks, but not in all of the creeks where searches were completed.
    • Extensive oyster reefs blanketed the mudflats along the state's tidal creeks and fueled the thriving industry.
    • A serpentine array of tidal creeks lined with tall-form Spartina occur throughout the marsh.
    • Pristine beaches, maritime forests, shimmering marshes, and tidal creeks await your exploration.