Translation of creepy-crawly in Spanish:


bicho, n.

Pronunciation /kriːpɪˈkrɔːli//ˌkripiˈkrɔli/

nounPlural creepy-crawlies


  • 1

    bicho masculine informal
    • There are going to be an awful lot of rocks to lift, and a lot of creepy-crawlies scuttling out from under them.
    • Eco-tourism is all the rage these days, but beware - apart from the creepy-crawlies, tropical jungles can hold many other pitfalls for the unwary.
    • Over and over again he regales the reader with proof that snakes, spiders, crocodiles and creepy-crawlies have acquired a taste for tourist blood.
    • He began his artistic career in his parents' garden where he created a laboratory in a tent-like structure, experimenting on creepy-crawlies.
    • One of the reservations in my mind about going out to the tropics was the number of insects and other creepy-crawlies which were bound to predominate in these parts.
    • The volume of mites and other tiny creepy-crawlies inhabiting the average mattress, pillow, sofa or armchair is daunting in the extreme.
    • If anyone really cared about the welfare of slugs and other creepy-crawlies, they would make the use of poisons mandatory, and forbid gardeners to keep nematode worms in their gardens.
    • As you can tell from this, I've decided I hate creepy-crawlies in my house.
    • ‘I'm a little concerned about shaking scorpions out of my boots every morning and finding creepy-crawlies in my sleeping bag,’ he said.
    • The creepy-crawlies won't bother me because I won't be able to see them.
    • It is a basic British prejudice about ‘abroad’ that it abounds with dangerous insects and creepy-crawlies.
    • This addition to an otherwise austere interior keeps bedding and clothes free from creepy-crawlies and the inevitable dust and dampness brought in from outside.
    • One man raised cash by eating live creepy-crawlies!
    • Another acquaintance of mine didn't believe in chemical pesticides for gardening so he cut out squares from old carpet and placed one around each Brussels sprout plant to prevent creepy-crawlies climbing up.
    • We wandered about, marvelling over flowers and creepy-crawlies for about a half-hour before arriving back at the Clinic's parking lot, only to find Jeannie leaning patiently against the car.
    • Atwood knows a great deal about the secret life of creepy-crawlies anyway, because her late father was a biologist and ran a research station in northern Quebec studying forest insects.
    • And of course, he should always be ready to get rid of any creepy-crawly insects or stinging/biting creatures that enter our house.
    • I don't think I'm so enamoured by all these creepy-crawlies!
    • Doubtless he has been to the ends of the earth in search of all the most rare and disgusting creepy-crawlies.
    • The Virgin Voyager train travelling from Newcastle to Cardiff had to be cancelled when the train manager discovered a bag full of chirruping creepy-crawlies near the buffet area.