Translation of crème caramel in Spanish:

crème caramel

flan, n.

Pronunciation /ˌkrɛm kɛrəˈmɛl//ˌkrɛm ˈkarəməl//ˌkrɛm ˌkarəˈmɛl/


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    flan masculine
    • In texture, this dish is somewhere between a bread pudding and a crème caramel, but the most important thing to remember is that it should wobble.
    • Anyone who thinks love cannot be measured is obviously not in possession of a recipe for a rich, silky crème caramel.
    • For dessert we tried the flan, a custard similar to crème caramel, served in an individual pot.
    • The cool Almendra mousse cake tasted soothingly of oranges, and the crema catalana was a softer, vanilla-custard version of crème caramel, with a comforting glaze of burnt sugar on top.
    • The crème caramel was among the creamiest I've had and came surrounded by more raspberries and gigantic blackberries.
    • Yet there was a dessert; my brother-in-law brought us another box from Cheese Cake Factory, and it had black sesame & cheese crème caramel.
    • Another house specialty is the crème caramel, a smooth egg custard properly cooked in a bain-marie, with a generous layer of maple syrup on the bottom.
    • Bofinger is a shrine to food, staffed by mustachioed waiters in black waistcoats and white aprons, waltzing around the various rooms bearing platters of fruits de mer, wobbling crème caramels, great tureens of bouillabaisse.
    • Most table d' hôtes feature mass-manufactured, bland versions of crème caramel and rice pudding, but not Le Poisson Rouge.
    • Among the desserts is a splendid crème caramel (home-made, of course) or a selection of cheeses.
    • On three nights at three different restaurants we enjoy the same formula - fish soup, salad buffet, grilled fish and crème caramel, as if we've been caught in some North-African Groundhog Day.
    • We figured it was just an oversight and we were too wimpy to say anything when one of the waiters whisked over, in a sudden display of efficiency, and presented us each with a crème caramel in a plastic container.
    • Go for the ice cream over the more typical crème caramel and crème brûlée.
    • The Portuguese have not neglected to create some great ways to finish a meal, such as crème caramel and arroz de arizo.
    • An appetizer and a main course would be too much for many people - go for a few of the small starters or make a meal of two appetizers to leave room for desserts like baked apples and crème caramel with marmalade.
    • Our table d' hôtes included dessert, so we chose the crème caramel and the tiramisu.
    • There were chocolate cake, chocolate mouse, ice cream, crème caramel, cheesecake and custard puffs.
    • The special also includes mousse or crème caramel with shredded coconut for dessert.
    • An example of pure caramelization is the well-known dessert crème caramel.
    • For dessert we shared a deliciously creamy slice of traditional trifle (£3.85 for all puddings) after turning down treats such as sticky toffee pudding, chocolate orange mousse or a crème caramel.