Translation of crepe in Spanish:


crep, n.


Pronunciation /krɛp//kreɪp//krɛp//kreɪp/


  • 1

    • 1.1(fabric)

      crep masculine
      crêpe masculine
      crepé masculine
      crespón masculine
      • Satin, organza, chiffon, georgette, tulle, lace, brocades, and crepe are all classic fabrics for bridesmaid dresses.
      • Light and feminine fabrics such as satin crepe tulles and damasks combine with the fabrics found at work and in the masculine world - cottons, sail cloth, denim and poplin.
      • The fabric back is a flattened crepe while the front is a shimmery satin weave.
      • Crepes and crepe silks are the fashion textiles these days.
      • The glittering sapphire fabric, crepe accented with tiny diamantés, highlighted her blue eyes, and pale blonde hair.
      • But the entire exercise becomes can become strenuous when it is done on crape and georgette sarees, as the material is very fine to work on.
      • The cargo look remained popular, in three-quarter length pants, a low-slung olive silk crepe skirt, full-length trousers accented with zippers and silk crepe satin shorts.
      • Giving petite customers a place of their own could help it sell more of those crepe suits and little black dresses.
      • Instead, she has been playing around with contrasting fabrics, mixing heavy wool with silk crepes.
      • Canton Crepe is a soft crepe woven fabric with small crosswise ribs.
      • In the 1920s the calf-length tweed skirt with a crêpe de chine blouse epitomised the British look.
      • A sleeveless empire line gown with a v-neckline, the silk crepe flowed beautifully into a short train which made her look taller, while the delicate satin band under the empire line helped to accentuate her curves.
      • Chiffon, organza, shimmering metallic lace, satin, silks and crepes will all play their part.
      • Look for all-season fabrics like wool gabardine, cotton blends or rayon crepe.
      • Flaming pinks, burning oranges, deep turquoise and wild reds were fused together to present a collection of Indo-westerns in fluid, flowing fabrics like georgettes, chiffons and crepes.
      • I will confess, however, that I ended up wearing the lovely black, crepe coat I had thrown on for warmth and confidence, for most of the evening.
      • Concentrating on the combination of red and white, the collection in georgettes, crepes, silk, celebrates the spirit of Valentine's Day and youthful vitality.

    • 1.2(for mourning)

      brazalete negro masculine

  • 2also crepe rubber

    crep masculine
    crêpe masculine
    crepé masculine
  • 3

    crep masculine
    crêpe feminine
    filloa feminine
    panqueque masculine Southern Cone Central America
    crepa feminine Mexico
    • Using a thin spatula, flip the crape and continue to cook or one minute.
    • In France, batter is transformed into crisp beignets and croquettes, into traditional waffles peculiar to each region, and into smooth, light crêpes.
    • While they sampled crêpes and kalamari, we ate the same menu all round Scotland, with a choice of ‘boiled, creamed, chipped or fried’.
    • The portobello crêpe comes with grilled mushrooms, mozzarella, roasted potato, and superbly pitched pesto, and is a subtle delight.
    • Of course, we had a scallion-and-seafood pancake, a thick, flavorful eggy crêpe that kids can be counted on to devour in the event that everything else on the menu defies their peanut-butter-dependent palates.
    • I'd never been to crêperie without ordering crêpes, but this time I wanted to test the kitchen's versatility.
    • There are also crêpes stuffed with apricot as well as chocolate mousse served in individual crusts.
    • Stuffed crêpes, prepared in the ‘real’ Russian style, are available with potatoes, meat or cheese.
    • In France, Belgium, Holland, even in Italy and Spain, they treat crêpes as everyday snacks.
    • You will need a punchy pudding wine to cope with the chocolate and sticky crunch of Jill's demanding chocolate crêpes and honeycomb cream.
    • It's not enough to be able to flambée a crêpe without setting fire to the studio - TV cooks should have us salivating on our sofas.
    • The blini of ground beef wrapped in a thin crêpe disappeared before I could get a taste of it, so I guess that means it must have been good, right?
    • These are little rice flour crêpes, served hot and stuffed with pork, mushrooms, onion and coriander.
    • In many regions, crêpes are eaten on 2 February, the Feast of the Virgin.
    • Surely the most well-known take-away treats in Brittany are crêpes, which are impossible to avoid no matter where you go.
    • For dessert, he brought us special crêpes with strawberries, dark chocolate, and cream.
    • Use the spatula and slide the crêpe to the edge of the pan and then slide it back again onto the spatula and turn it over.
    • More generally, cooked in a thin layer in the bottom of a frying pan, a batter makes pancakes or crêpes.
    • She pulled the sleeve back over it and flipped the crêpes.
    • This joint Canadian-French production is a lot like a crêpe: simple, sweet and pretty thin.