Translation of crescent in Spanish:


creciente, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkrɛz(ə)nt//ˈkrɛs(ə)nt//ˈkrɛs(ə)nt/


  • 1

    creciente masculine
    the Crescent la Media Luna
    • The crescent of the New Moon glowed in the indigo heavens, and to his left, Venus, the Evening Star of Ishtar kept him company.
    • Thirty-three hours later, as the Moon set in the west, it would be visible as a slender crescent.
    • She found him standing alone in the moonlight, staring up at the waxing crescent.
    • The moon appeared as a thin crescent in the dark, cloudy blue sky.
    • Astronomy was necessary to view the lunar crescent for religious purposes.
    • Another difference between the hemispheres, which is often overlooked, is the direction in which the crescents of the Waxing and Waning Moons point.
    • The moon was a bright crescent among the sea of stars, each one glowing brightly.
    • The Moon will be a waning crescent, just a few days from New, and so will not interfere.
    • Above me, a silver crescent moon hung, now and then, clouds of dark shadow misting across it.
    • Another omen claims that if the first crescent of the new Moon appears with its lower horn obscured, stormy weather is indicated in the first phase of the Moon.
    • On the morning of the 19th the yellowish planet will be below and to the left of the Moon's crescent.
    • Every month, the first crescent of the new moon is observed, defining the beginning of the new month, whilst each year Ramadan commences 11 days earlier.
    • The night was silent, all three moons were alive in the sky now and their glowing crescents cast an eerie glow across his face.
    • The moon waxes from new to sickle, crescent, half-full and disk, and wanes back again as the relative positions of sun and moon change.
    • The view is from Titan's night side, making the moon appear as a thin crescent.
    • The moon, waned away to a tiny crescent, didn't emit enough light for him to be sure of his way.
    • Now, it is but a thin waxing crescent!
    • It will not be washed out by moonlight this year, since the Moon will be a waning crescent just a couple of days from New.
    • The appearance of a crescent is a phenomena associated with the position of the moon as it reflects light from the sun and it is not subjected to weather or atmospheric conditions.
  • 2

    • 2.1(shape)

      media luna feminine

    • 2.2(street)

      calle en forma de media luna
      • There were no streets, only avenues, crescents and closes.
      • Ritchie got out of his car and walked up to number 34 Stanford crescent.
      • Taking hold of his bag again and sliding the phone into his pocket, he picked up his pace and ran out of the park and wove in and through the complex network of crescents, courts, drives and streets.
      • In the 1820s Bath, Bristol, Dublin, and Edinburgh, cities which had flourished in the eighteenth century, were all still raising classical squares, streets, and crescents.
      • Townhouses line the streets, crescents, and squares - with some terraces descending quite steeply to the north.
      • The street was in fact a crescent with a large, Victorian home situated at the very end.


  • 1

    the crescent moon la luna creciente
    • Bring the edges together and pinch to seal firmly, forming a crescent shape with a flat base.
    • Around her neck she wore a pendant shaped like a crescent moon.
    • Transfer the cookies to the prepared sheet pans and bend to a form a crescent shape.
    • It had become a small floating island shaped like a crescent moon, surrounded by a light blue, metallic ocean.
    • Place onto trays and bend into a crescent shape.
    • She had a golden cloak that had a clasp in the shape of a crescent moon.
    • Each charm is an alternating crescent moon and star shape.
    • We had rolls and butter, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, cabbage salad, and pastries that were shaped like crescent moons and stuffed with roast meat and apples.
    • The handle was just a sharply carved crescent moon shape, crudely cut from a tarnishing piece of bronze.
    • The beach was set out in a crescent moon shape with the ocean lapping up onto the white sand.
    • Set on the center was a beautiful purple gem, the shape of a crescent moon.
    • She was wearing a light blue winter coat with matching earrings in the shapes of crescent moons.
    • The shape of a crescent moon was visible against the gray-blue painting overhead.
    • As it approaches us, it appears bigger and more of a crescent shape.
    • The chairs were formed into a perfect crescent shape.
    • A crescent moon arched overhead, its halo adorning the dark canvas.
    • The fleet of 130 ships - including 22 fighting galleons - sailed in a crescent shape.
    • There was a moon now, an unnatural white, with a jagged crescent shape that made it look as if a bite or two had been taken out of it.
    • She fingered the charm on her necklace, a golden sunburst with the shape of a silver crescent moon in the center.
    • It was a large oval surrounded by to crescent moon shapes.